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Hello - new here!

Hi all

I'm new to the site and wondering if anybody else here is doing low carb according to Barry Groves?

I stumbled across his website after I noticed his name was brought up in an opinion somebody had posted to a fairly recent news story on the Daily Mail website and looked up his books on the web and what he says does seem to make some sense.

I'm not diabetic or anything (to the best of my knowledge) but I have wondered for a while if carbs disagree with me and if might have more luck keeping the weight off this time if I follow a low carb diet and keep to Barry's advice afterwards?

I am of course coming up against opposition from my bread junkie DH who hasn't quite voiced his opinion that he thinks Barry is a quack but I know he's thinking it!

I'm also hampered by the fact that our eldest has a nut allergy so already I can't make the rather yummy sounding almond and parmesan breakfast pancakes that seem to be the basis for a lot of his recipes and meal suggestions.

First off - what is the easiest / best way to get started? I've read most of the book I bought and his website and I thought I got it, but then sat down to write a shopping list and promptly forgot it all :rolleyes:

Can somebody give me a kick in the right direction please?

Many thanks!

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No replies - I guess Mr Groves has fallen out of favour?

Perhaps I should try something less "extreme" like Atkins instead?



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Not heard of this plan - I am at present doing cambridge
I will be doing low carb as my way forward when I cant do cambridge any longer :) but being a veggie I have had to find specific plans - its difficult but not impossible
what is the outline of the plan - is it very strict

and give it ago - it matters not what others think - we all need to find our own path
It sounds similar to the Atkins way of eating but appears to have a higher ratio of fat to protein and carbs.

How are you finding Cambridge? I did it a few years ago and had been doing ok with keeping the weight off until a few emotional traumas appeared on the horizon last year and I started with the over-eating again. I haven't put masses back on again but want to to undo the damage and change the way we're eating as a family at the same time, so no quick fixes for me this time around!


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S: 17st2.5lb C: 13st7.5lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 33 Loss: 3st9lb(21.21%)
Well cambridge is not the easiest
I hate all the shakes and soups
the only way I can take them is half a shake in hot water with coffee
they are too sweet and artifical tasting - but I will persevere

I have done ww and sw both with very limited success - I was have a lot of carbs and I honestly dont think they suit me too well

I was off the wagon a bit last week and have in three weeks lost 11.5lb - not too bad - so this week back with renewed vigour
I have as I said been looking at eating plans for maintainace and will be doing low carb veggie diet
I really cant turn back to meat or fish after 20+ years of not eating it

why not post your daily eating on here so others can if they wish follow the diet alongside you or even pick up tips for adding to atkins and other low carb way of eating

how many carbs are you allowed in the first phase?
Oh I know the feeling well. I did WW several times and found it was too easy to "cheat" - I would still eat rubbish as long as my points added up at the end of the day.

Cambridge I liked because it took food out of the equation completely, but then there was the struggle of maintaining things afterwards.

So, having read up on low carb (and Barry Groves) that totally appeals to my kind of eating. I know I'll have to almost give up on bread etc but I think I can manage that.

I can't find anything about an induction phase for Barry Groves but he says ratios should be 10-15 percent carbs/ 20-25 percent protein/60-70 percent fat. I'll have to have a look for a good UK carb tracker as most of them to be US and they calculate their carbs different to us I think.

I'll give him a go - can't possibly feel any worse than I do most days at the moment and who knows, it might just work :)


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S: 17st2.5lb C: 13st7.5lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 33 Loss: 3st9lb(21.21%)
I am assuming those percentages are for calories not by weight
so you will be able to have lots of double cream sauces and cheese etc
best of luck hope it works for you - I will be following with interest


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Hi MW3.. I have recently got some of his books & tbh haven't read them all thru yet, must dig them out again! I liked his principles & ideas, not disimilar to Atkins really. Atkins ratio's are 65% fat, 35% protein & 5% carbs (thats in the initial induction phase).

Be interested to see you results & how you are getting on with it... over on the Atkins thread there are lots of recipes which I'm guessing would be suitable for Barry Groves & the majority of them nut free.

Neris & India's Idiot proof diet cookbook, Dr Charles Clark's The high protein & the South Beach diet also have some fab low carb recipes...

Good luck with your journey... am off to dig out books. x

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