hello - sadly i am back with a vengance -


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Some may remember me from last year. I started on the Cambridge s/s diet last year and lost over 4 stone on it.

I gave it up due to personal reasons and i have stupidly just ate non stop since and put back all the weight plus some. :break_diet:

Well i am having counselling for my eating and other things and now feel i am in the right place to get back on the diet and loose this weight forever.

In a strange way i think it has done me good putting on the weight because it has open up my eyes to how unhealthy i really feel. Before when i was overweight i thought i looked ok and was healthy enough but you dont realise until you loose it then but it back on again that your body isnt right and it doesnt feel good.

So i look forward to sharing my journey with you.

I have started the diet this morning and drinking plenty of water, had 1 shake but the hunger pains are starting to kick in now but i wont give in! :cry:
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I remember you! Hi! I'm back too after putting most of what I lost back on. You can do it though, you've done it before, you will again. Just remember, we're all here to offer all the support you need. I think it's made me realise the real need to move up the plans properly, as that's where we relearn that relationship with food, in a healthy way.


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welcome back yummy mummy - i was a bit of a lurker her in 2008 but just restarted cd today after gaining it back and some - i've been ok so far today but i'm an evening mucher so getting through tonight will b the challange
good luck !


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Good Luck, the past is the past, move forward. It is tough as you know but we have to keep plodding and the time will pass quickly.


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hellloooooooo!!! Aahhhhh... Lovely lovely lovely to 'see' you again! :D

I'm back after a break too, and there are lots of new 'faces', but still the same good vibe about the site, and plenty of familiar 'faces' too :)

So, today's the first day - well if you're anywhere near as good at motivating yourself as you were/are at supporting other people, then I'm sure you'll do great - I remember being at the early stages of my CD journey and thinking I'd never be at the stage you were at.. so we both now know that it is do-able.. with the right support, and lots of time spent being kind to ourselves :)

All the very very best..

keep us posted! :)



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Hello V too!!! :)