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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by PotBeautiful, 4 September 2014.

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    Hi there, I have been lurking on the fringes reading posts for a couple of weeks, so have finally decided to join in! I have successfully lost weight before with Weight Watchers, but regained it all (plus interest!) over the years. Had a failed attempt at Slimming World a few years back but it just didn't work for me and I got accused of not sticking to the plan as I wasn't losing enough. (In fact, my consultant told me I must be eating "too much free food" - is it free or isn't it?!)

    Putting that behind me, I have just rejoined Slimming World as I know so many people on it who are losing and finding it really easy. I am following the Extra Easy plan and lost 6.5lbs in my first week but was terribly hungry and cold and peeing for Britain! In week 2 the hunger subsided but, even though I stuck to the plan 100%, I gained back 3.5lbs. I wasn't upset with that so much as with the fact that the class leader and members at SW clearly didn't believe a word of what I said about having stuck to the plan.

    Well, this time I am not going to let them get me down and surely the fat must go if I stick to it long enough?!! So I am writing down every item that crosses my lips and will persevere and see how it goes this coming Monday....

    Thanks for listening, nice to 'meet' you :D

    Pot B.
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    Hi Pot B,

    I've just joined after several years on and off SW, and using the MiniMins site as a 'guest' really. It sounds like you've had rather a mixed experience with the group 'support', if you can call it that. I'll be following your weight loss journey as I start mine!

    Sophie x

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