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I have decided to join you all so had better say hello I know robinhood from elsewhere hi Laura!
I received my book today so have been going through it allday , does seem easier than remembering syns and points imo
I have quite a bit too lose and i start fine but lose motivation quickly
Ive lost 4 stone 3 times in my life but this time i seem to be struggling and need a kick here and there
Im sure I will ask loads of questions along the way
will try and keep up lol
Tan xx
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Hello :D and welcome to the mad house.
you have got the most important piece of kit...us :D ...sorry i mean the book.
Get yourself organised. do a meal planner, a good shopping list.
Have you been on Dukan website to find your true weight?
Put you daily meals on the sticky at the top then we can help see how you doing?
also put up your stats too :D

Im bossy arent I lol???

welcome welcome welcome ;)
thanks for the hellos

I need bossing about lol!

i will have been on the website , thats when i ordered the book as i couldnt quite afford the price .....
Will do stats ect tomorrow have shopped today and nosing at the menus at the top I have 2 attack days according to the website so here I go .....


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if you have lots to lose like you say you can do more attack if you like. TBH i think on his site he might try to keep you on th.e diet as long as possible cos he gets more money per week I think (or is it per lb) anyway i did attack for 6 days. If you can cope that is :)
Ooh good luck xxxxxx


Dukan Ancestor!!
Hi Tan and welcome,

yes the site told me to do attack for 2 days but I carried on for 4, no problem at all. It just gives you a bit more of a kick start, and helps with motivation too.
Are you ready, I had planned it carefully so my first day was not a rushing around day at home but one at work, and I finished attack on Friday so I had the weekend for my first cruise PV day which made family meals seem a bit more 'normal'.


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Hey Tania, Cathy here lol, I ordered the book too and its been dispatched so hope it comes tomorrow, I found the 2 attack days great, no problem, and today I really enjoyed the extra flavours of tomatoes lol.
Good luck I have 3 1/2 stone to loose, and am looking forward to Friday weigh in day
Hello!! These guys are so organised but I tend to wing it lol! As long as you have plenty of things that you can eat to hand attack is easy (ham slices and big tubs of vanilla yoghurt are lifesavers, a little nibble when you get a sweet or savory craving stops you reaching for the carbs I find)
Hi Tan, good to 'see' you here :)

Everyone's really nice and helpful. I'm sure you'll get the hang of things quickly and the weight will be off for good!
Thanks all
I couldnt put the book down last night ...
Laughed at the exercise page have the OH going to show me the exercises as i couldnt make head nor tale of them !!!!

I made a gallette today and was really surprised how nice it was ...I have beef cooking and will post the days menu nearer the end of the day as it could change having trouble getting vanilla yogurt but im off to lidls in a bit and they are usually good for bits

I actually feel quite good about this and think i will do 4 days on attack i need a good kick start
chat later


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Hello. I havent even read the exercise bit yet lol.

Vanilla yoghurt is muller one :D or yeo valley do one too but check the fat.
Our tesco doesnt seem to stock anything but strawberry ones at the moment strange place will go hunting later on

Im sure he needs to bring a dvd out of the exercises , sounds worse than they are I think

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