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Hello! Not many people around this week by the look of things. This is my 3rd week and i have lost approx 16lbs so far. Am worried about tomorrow though - I am going on a day trip to france and dont know how I am going to manage as the people i am going with are planning to go out for lunch. I dont want to sit it out on my own or cheat so figure i'll just have to have a green salad with no dressing. I have stuck to the programme like glue so far. What do you think?!
Hi, well done on such a great loss you are doing great !! I am not the best person to advise you what to do , i am on week 7 and have been 100% on plan since day one, even on holiday at an all inclusive hotel. I have avoided all social things so far i made that decision at the beginning knowing it would only be for 3/4 months. If i have been away for the day i take a shake or bar but that is me. I can see your problem though it isnt easy. Some people have no problem at all having a "planned lapse " others find they go out of control, its all down to the individual. My llc said more people come of the plan the first week in december and dont get back on it till january, one lady confirmed this and said she had done a great deal of damage in that time and regretted it. Personally i am not prepared to do it as i have worked so hard to get where i am. I am sure whatever you decide to do will be the right choice for you. Do your friends know you are doing lighterlife ? Have a fantastic day whatever you decide Take care X


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I know I've never known it to be so quiet either!!!! Dunno whether people have given up due to Xmas or ppl just busy getting ready for Xmas I dunno! Can't belies 5 weeks today will be the big day!!
Regarding trip to France depends on you really if you think you def have to eat then just be sensible and make good choices like meat and protein!!! Just make sure you get back on it as that's the tricky bit!!!
Good luck!!!
Hmmm...I think I'm not going to plan to do anything and just see how the day goes, will take some bottled water & a shake and just do my best! I'm determined to get another stone off by Christmas.
Hi MimiH,
I'd suggest taking a bar with you and split it in half. That way if you have a glass of water or cup of tea/coffee, you have something if they are having coffee's and desserts/biscuits. Or great if its a long day and you get peckish.
I'd definitely advise you to find a way to stick to the plan if you can. It's deceptively straightforward once you're in ketosis, which can make you think it might be easy to get back on track after a planned lapse. The people I know who lapsed found it very difficult to get back on track. I'm not saying it's impossible, just make sure you think carefully about what is the best solution for you.

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