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  1. kirstle85

    kirstle85 Member


    I'm Kirsty. I'm hoping to start Slimming World tomorrow to get rid of around 4 stones to be happy and a lot healthier!
    I think my biggest issue is I love food. Especially stuff that is bad for us. Typically!
    Hoping to meet some people to talk to who are taking on the same challenge!
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  3. -Rhino-

    -Rhino- Member

    Hi Kirstle85,

    Welcome to Minimins, Im sure there will be lots of people who can help you on your Slimming World plan. There's a Slimming World sub-forum if you haven't already found it :)

    Best of luck with your weight loss goals and I look forward to seeing you around the forums. x
  4. puddi

    puddi Member

    I want to lose 4 stone too
  5. kirstle85

    kirstle85 Member


    Thanks. I've had a quick look around. Probably be better having a proper look on the laptop later.
    It looks like a really supportive group which is fab :)
  6. MarieDK

    MarieDK Full Member

    Hi Kirsty :) I am another Slimming Worlder (just an online member though, no groups here) been doing it about 10 weeks and totally love it. I love food too, and luckily I can still eat lots of yummy food or I don't think I would have lasted this long :D It's really fit in with my family (husband is doing SW too, teenager eats the same dinners with us so it's going well) Hope you have a brilliant first week, it takes a bit of getting used to at first but I found by week 3 it was all making sense and felt easy. I started with 71/2 stone to lose, now need to lose 5 1/2, so a bit more but we'll all get there in the end :D xxMariexx
  7. kirstle85

    kirstle85 Member


    I'm a bit worried as my foods are limited sometimes as I have a liver disorder. I can't eat or drink anythiny diet. Will this have a huge effect for me?
    I've convinced my mum to join with me so I won't be there alone now. Hopefully won't feel quite as daunting!
  8. MarieDK

    MarieDK Full Member

    Sorry you have some limits with your disorder Kirsty. I am pretty sure you will be able to get the plan working for you. I live in Denmark and so I too miss out on a lot of the diet products that people get in the UK. I mostly cook and eat fresh food I make myself - which is great when you are limited diet wise (am also Gluten Free and no problems at all with SW) It does feel daunting to begin with, but soon you begin to find that you can make similar meals to before just adapted to fit the plan. Glad your Mum is going too - it's so nice to get moral support :D xxx
  9. melissam89

    melissam89 Full Member

    With Slimming World you won't eat 'diet foods', you eat proper food that you would probably eat everyday normally. I don't really see it as a diet. That's why I love it. I don't need to make separate meals for myself and the family, we all eat the same thing. I'm sure the consultant at group will explain everything that you need to know. Don't be afraid to ask questions.

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