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help calculating syns in these sausages please

Sorry - need more information than that to work it out using the SW Syns Calculator.

Need to know:
Calories (per 100g)
Protein (per 100g)
Carbs (per 100g)
Fat (per 100g)
Package/portion size (in grams)
No problem :rolleyes:

This works out at 3.5 syns per 50g, hope this helps xx


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Also need to know what the main ingredient is (it will be the first thing on the list of ingredients) as need to know which category of free food to select on the syns calculator.

And if it works out being low in syns - can you tell us what they are so we can all get some;)
lol....drumroll..... they are still the sainsburys bgty ones:D:eek:

but..... new improved recipe ( big difference )and very very nice - i love my sausages and these are my new faves - i think as good as joes sausages!!:) and definately as good as my old faves from a supermarket which were tesco healthy living ones

Helen xxxx


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I had some BGTY chilled Cumberland ones last week - is it those? I did like them, and are cheaper and more convenient than getting a Joes order. I dont have a big enough freezer for a bulk order, and got fed up organising it for my SW group and chasing everyone up to choose, fill out order form and pay.

I think there was a thread about some frozen Sainsbury sausages recently, that were low syn too, but they havent had any in my local Sainsbury's every time I've looked (and have looked a few times)


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If anyone wants to try some lower syn sausages, you can buy the ones from morrisons, their 'eat smart 60% less fat thick pork sausages' are only half a syn each! Great for bulking out that fry up! :)

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