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Here we go again!
Sorry you're suffering at the mo. Thankfully I don't get those sort of cravings at TOTM but I would suggest putting the jaffa cake pack down cos think that will make things worse. Can a choc shake hit the spot for now or making it into a mousse? Not the same I know but it may help. Can you go for a walk or take a nice bath or do something else to pamper yourself and take your mind off it? Sorry I'm not much help.
Katy DONT DO IT you've come so far and done so well. I know it's easy for me to say because I'm new but watching peoples weightlosses and listening to their battles really spurs new ones on like us.
Agree with Kelly, just don't do it. It is a craving and only a craving. When you work your way through it, you will be so proud of yourself and there will be many more cravings to come. Learning to deal with each one as it hits is I imagine part of what we are to learn on our journey!

Now where is the book that say that............or did I just make it up!!

Should have been a shrink :)

Dont give in!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Katy, I am the same at that TOTM so I know what you are going through. Try and distract yourself . Have a cuppa and ring a friend for a chat. Put on a good film or pick up a magazine . Glug Glug Glug some water which will fill you up. Maybe split a shake and have half just to tide you over. You have done so well and if its a comfort as the weeks went on I didnt get this craving again.
Well done for coming on here and 'fessing up about your cravings...but promise you, it will pass. The sense of achievement will be mega when you step on to those scales at your next WI....so please, please be strong, you are doing this for YOU!!!


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Thanks guys, the jaffa cake packet has been ceremoniously burnt on the fire(its freezing here) and i am about to retire to bed(after a choc shake, thanks bev, hit the spot) with a hot water bottle as i am working tonight from 8pm to 5am!!!!!!


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All I can say is "Thank God for the chocolate shake!";):D

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