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Extra Easy Help!!!! I am struggling

Can anyone please give me some motivation to carry on??????:cry:

I joined sw at the middle of march and lost in total 5 1/2 pounds. Then i started a rigorous excercise plan and for the past 4 weeks i have gained nearly all the weight back on all but 2lbs. Last year i lost 2 stone on SW so know it works but i seem to be struggling this time round. I would say i have followed it 95% of the time at least but surely with the excercise i am doing that would of helped!!! I am so frustrated that i am thinking of giving up. I have 2 stone to lose before September and i feel totally miserable!!!!!:gen147:
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How do your clothes feel on you Munchstar?! You say that you started a rigorous exercise plan- very often people (me included) don't lose, or even gain because of the muscle, but clothes can feel much looser!! If this is the case, perhaps you should try putting more emphasis on how you feel/look rather than the numbers!! It's soul destroying I know!! If you don't feel like you're going down in 'size', have a look at what plan you're on! Do you attend a class? Can you have a chat with your C and do a food diary? Maybe there's something you're doing that you haven't thought of!! I think SW works for most people, so why not give it another month and see how you get on before giving up on it! Afterall, it's all about healthy lifestyle, so if you do give up, make sure you switch to something like WW rather than going back to eating lots of naughties, and certainly carry on exercising!XXX
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I could have written the same message yesterday. I started a really hardcore gym routine on Sunday and have done it everyday since and yesterday I was expecting a good loss, esp as I had been really good on SW (about 90-95%) and i put on 2.5lbs - I thought I was going to cry right there on the scales (how much do tears weigh?!)
At the same time I'm really enjoying the excersise and dont want to give that up!
Thanks to you both. Feeling a bit more positive now! My clothes do not feel any different to be honest but my partners says i am definately starting to lose my muffin top!!!! Bless. How can he fancy that!!!!????

I will give it another month to see how i get on as i do feel better all round and my skin has started to clear up again.



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I agree on the exercise.

I got help from a personal trainer a couple fo weeks ago and did some really hard, punishing sessions, hoping for a 'Biggest Loser' style loss, but actually lost very little.

I FEEL much much better for it though, and the thing to remember is that with increased muscle mass comes a higher metabolic rate which will burn more fat while at rest, so really in the long-term it will bring benefits - you might see your average weekly weight loss go up by, say half a pound after a while...
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Personal trainer at the gym told me that muscle weighs twice as much as fat, so the scales are only part of the story. Measure the inches too, which can be moving even when the weight isn't.
And with the extra muscle is built, your metabolism is supercharged. HTH
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Agree, exercising can slow down the weight loss because you are building muscle, but in the long term the more muscle the better as your metabolic rate will increase, therefore burning more calories. I have lost 6 lbs in the last couple of months but have lost 12 inches, from bust, waist, abdomen, hips and thighs. I have gone down 2 dress sizes. So keep up the good work and don't worry about the scales.

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