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Help! I'm nearly 30 and don't know what to do with my life...

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...now I appreciate all your lovelies don't have the answer and to be honest I'm not in the bit bothered about being 30 soon, but I am starting to think abuot what I want to do with my life career wise! I currently work in Marketing and PR which I love as I get to be creative with words etc. but I've recently also done some Events and Conferencing work which, being highly organised I thought I would love but actually I found it quite draining and just administration based and nothing creative! I think now there is an expectation that my workplace will want me to do this and I'm not sure how I can say 'no' without really burning my bridges - Marketing and PR is a separate role due to end in the next couple of months!

I freelance (well, I'm meant too) on the hours I have free, but turning 30 soon has made me really think - what do I want to do for the next 30 years?? I don't expect you to have the answers, I'm not sure I'm even looking for one but would be interested to hear your views xxx
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The problem is, untill you give it a shot, you can only theorise that you'd like it!- as youv learnt, you thought youd enjoy the events and conferencing work.. and you didnt! but its obviously made you appreciate that you like this work.

I think somtimes, we become quite reflective on our lives.. looking for somthing more and concidering change. I feel very greatful that i'v tried and tested many things and know where i want to be really, so early on. If you enjoy the job your in, but the role is due to end soon.. why dont you continue looking for another job of the same role? for example.. im not afraid to admit that i dont want to take my work home with me. There was time when i thought i wanted a huge career, that i'd be willing to do that. Then i started hairdressing and thought i wouldnt care about the long hours and crappy pay because i loved hairdressing, but the love for that couldnt carry me through.. and i still did even more hairdressing outside of the salon.. i did a brief stint in advertising, realised i hated it.. when at first i thought id love it. Worked in a kitchen .. never again.. yet i love baking, as a hobby!

Then i started working with pre school ages kids, working as a TA.. I go in at 8, run around like a mad woman, really enjoy working with the kids, different set of kids every hours, different ages.. different parents and families and backgrounds.. then i waltz out at 3, go home and think nothing more of it. I have no lesson plans to look at, very very little adminn to do but never at home.. i love it.. and im not afraid to admit that id much rather comit myself 100% during work hours, but home time.. my time is for me, and my family.

I have agreed to start doing one extra day, in which il be teaching 2 classes.. but its 2 lesson plans and nothing more.. and nothing more added to my TA role.

If your happy, dont go out of your way, to search for somthing you might not want.. OR why not tap into a secret passion or hobby?

the lady who did my cupcake course, and no owns and very successful business, used to be a graphic designer! LOL

I personally think we put too much emphasis on long term goals and what we want out of life.
The job I do, I didn't plan to do, I fell into it. It's not fab but it pays okay and I'm happy. There are things I'd rather do but to be honest, I'm not prepared to give up the lifestyle I have at the moment.
I take each day as it comes, nothing lasts forever and I think fate makes us change our life direction as much as our own desire for things.
I haven't had long term goals, it doesn't work for me. I take each day as it comes really and deal with things as they come along. I can't say I'll be doing my job for the next 20 years as the company I work for changes quite frequently but if it changes, I'll change with it.
For me, as long as I have the stability of a decent wage and don't have to take work home with me I'm happy. Home life is more important for me so I don't really care what I do in the day to be honest.
Hi, I lost my job two months before I turned 30. Even though it was devestating, In a way it was a relief. I loved the job, but the company I worked for were making it impossible to do the job properly, and they treated both staff and clients apallingly.

After taking some time out to think about what I really wanted from life I've realised i have always wanted to work for myself, yet never done anything about it. So now i'm saving like a mad-woman to start my own pottery painting business. I only envisage it to be part-time while it gets off the ground, but I know that because this is something i both want and enjoy, i'll be more than happy to work my backside off.

It took quite a lot for me to admit to myself the things I wasn't so good at to myself, but this really did help me focus on what I did want.

Anyway, I didn't deal so well with turning 30 itself, tears were shed, wails about becoming a single old spinster were heard and fliches were seen whenever the number 30 was mentioned!
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I have lots of exams which means in the industry I work in I can progress quiet well. I had the opportunity to progress my career a few years ago, however, the person I worked for was horrid & it really put me off, she really knocked my confidence, eventually I left & took a job with less thinking & just didn't test my abilities. But I loved it, unfortunately I was made redundant & I've now got another job which is simlar & very easy to do, yes I could do more, but I really can't be bothered. The pay is ok, it's close to work & the guy I work for is lovely. What more could I ask for!!!!!!!!!!!

We spend a lot of time at work, it's important to be happy, if you want a change why not go temping that way you can try out new things without commitment.


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I was a physio for over 30 years! I wanted to be a journalist! Take stock, see what you'd like to do and GO for it! You are SO young! (even if you don't feel it!) Trust me, it would be better to be in a job that gives you satisfaction and pays less than be stuck in a job you hate.
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Don't feel too downhearted that you don't know what you want for the next thirty years - sometimes the universe has a funny way of making sure we get what we need (which, unfortunately, isn't always what we want!).

I spent the evening of my thirtieth birthday alone and in tears. I was getting divorced, a single parent to two young children, on income support and had recently moved to a small town where I didn't know anyone but my parents - and I only saw them on the weekends. My life felt so bleak and hopeless and I was quite literally in despair - if I hadn't had the children I would have seriously considered taking my own life.

Then through a series of co-incidences I met a number of people who helped and encouraged me in different ways to restart my education - so I took a number of little part-time courses, all free or minimal cost. One of the teachers suggested I could actually teach on one of the courses myself - as a result of that I am now doing a job I absolutely love, earning enough to pay a mortgage and put both kids through uni. I'm not rich - this month I can't afford to put fuel in the car or buy any Alpen lite bars (sob, sob) as this year both my kids are at uni and we've had to save hard and make sacrifices just to scrape the deposits for accomodation together - but I don't care! I might not have much money but I have a job I love, healthy and happy kids and great friends - and those are the things that make you rich, in my book...

...although I can't wait until payday so I can do a proper shop and buy myself some treats for my lunches at work:8855::8855::8855:

I guess what I'm trying to say is that it's OK not to know what's ahead - you never know, it might just be the best thing that you never knew was right for you (if that makes sense?).

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How about working for yourself - by far the best option as you get to choose everything workwise - apart from working like a dervish! You could start small side by side with your other job and see where it takes you. You will of course need to make sure that you don't stand on any political toes within your current workplace. Nothing ventured...
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How about working for yourself - by far the best option as you get to choose everything workwise - apart from working like a dervish! You could start small side by side with your other job and see where it takes you. You will of course need to make sure that you don't stand on any political toes within your current workplace. Nothing ventured...
I'm already a freelancer hun, but need to do something to supplement it too - working in the arts isn't so clever at the moment!


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after doing years of admin roles, secretarial and clerical etc I qualified in alternative health therapies and started my own business - this was 15 years ago when alternative health therapies were really in the lime light and I did exceptionally well...............AND I got a job teaching it for adult education learners. LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT.

Unfortunately due to the recession I have had to top up my income with admin roles again part time - but my alternative health business is still running along side - no teaching now because I moved out of the area - but I still had 15 fantastic years.

Hope whatever you decide to do - it all works out really well for you.

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