Help! Is there any thing I can have instead of the packs?


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Oooooh I do hope someone can help:eek:

When I got my last lot of packs I (stupidly) got loads of the spicy tomato soup which I had been really enjoying but I've suddenly gone right off it and it makes me want to throw up:eek:

I can't see my cdc till monday and I've only got a couple of other none spicy tomato packs left!

Is there anything else I can buy/have to keep me going till monday? I know how inportant the packs are and I'd never normally deviate from the diet but I don't know what else to do!
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Purple Hugs

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I don't know the answer sorry, but wondered if your counsellor could just swap them for you without you stopping?


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maybe celebrity slim packs from rowlands pharmacy??? U can by them straight off the shelf-but wait to see if anyone else comes along with advice, because Im not 100% sure of the carb/cal contents.
Also look on the CDC website to find another CDC close to you and arrange to see them as a one off?
If you look at some threads for CD there are recepies for other things you can do with the packets.... what abot trying to make chrisps from them , u might find them easier to stomack x


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Do not have Celebrity Slim. Their packs are high in sugars and therefore carbs. Is there any way your CDC can swap them for you before? Mine has in the past, it won't hurt to ask.


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You could buy some Lipotrim from chemist
If you go on their website it lists your nearest one
Idont know if theyre exactly same as cambridge but the 4 per day does eqaul 500cals and it is a VLCD


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Is there no way you can get to your CDC before Monday? Or maybe contact her and ask if there are any CDC's locally that can help you.

If not, you may have to grin and bear it. Try splitting them, so you don't have to get through so much in one meal. Best of luck!


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I've got 4 x lipotrim chicken soup I'd be happy to send you. I switched to cambridge


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Celebrity Slim is 25.4g of carbs per pack! More than slimfast. One of them & you'll be reaching for the biscuit tin & if not that, they'll def knock you out of ketosis.

Hope you get something sorted. x


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I've got 4 x lipotrim chicken soup I'd be happy to send you. I switched to cambridge

That's just mean. Maybe I should send her my 4 unused flapjacks - all that should finish the poor girl off!
Lipotrim chicken soup is MINGING. Be warned! Lol!:8855:


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what about the tescos own made shakes, they do a low carb version, not sure what else it has in it.


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Thank you all soooo much for the replies and the sympathy

Perfectorchid that is such a lovely offer, if it wasn't the wk end with post times being longer I'd take you up on it! Thank you so much for offering it's so nice of you (I'm guessing the lipotrim soups are like the cd spicy tomato- a love or hate thing by the sounds of catssseyes post:p)

No joy yet on the cdc front though I'm hoping she'll get back to me tonight or tomorrow even if it's just to give the name of another cdc

I know I sound like such a wuss:eek: I did try to have a spicy tomato for lunch but I couldn't keep it down:eek: I don't know whats going on with me?????!!!

Thanks babyballie I'll have a look at the tesco shakes just to see how they compare

I am so determined to stick to this so I'll keep trying with the soups, I'll just think of it as medicine:p

Wish me luck;) and thanks again:D


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just found some recipes on this site for the vlcd meal packs, you can make them into crisps an things