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Help me ... A bit of advice please ...


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Morning everyone,

I just don't know where to start. Im at my wits end now. :cry::cry:

I am a serial dieter .. you name it Ive tried it.
After finding out I am Insulin resistant I have been doing Atkins for about 10 weeks now - which to be honest has been good .. I lost 12lbs, gained 4 after a few days off. 12lbs is the most weight I have lost for a long time except for when I did the Cambridge Diet.

The problem is my body is now repelling against meat, eggs, cheese etc. I feel physically sick when I think of egg or bacon or any meats (Im actually gagging as I write this!) and I don't know what to do. :cry:

I have done Weight Watchers many times and some times have done really well and others not so well. I miss fruit and yoghurts!

I am really scared that with being Insulin resistant I will not be able to lose any weight on WW??

Im sorry this is such a confused and nonsense post, but I really need help and advice.

Julie xx
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i was insulin resistant... probably still am to an extent.. and it does make dieting bloody hard. I do think ww is good though... it allows you to have a certain amount of sugar (which is still neccesary!) but still restricts it.

Losing weight is the biggest thing with insulin resistance.. the more you lose the easier it becomes. I've improved my quality of life so much by doing ww.

I have to say I did have hypos a few times when i first started ww a few years ago... its just making sure you have some kind of food with you at all times... some low cal cereal bars/fruit or really food of any kind. As long as you count it it really doesn't matter.

I remember one point I was really really close to passing out but thankfully it was just before my lunch so I was saved with my beans on toast... never remember beans on toast tasting so nice in my life haha :p

(did you hang around on the exante boards for a while...? your name rings a bell :p)


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Thank you hun for your reply. I feel really down about it today and its nice to know someone else has the same insulin experience.

No hun I haven't tried exante .. lol probably the only one I haven't!



I can haz cake?
Yeah... its awful. I was so sure I had diabetes from the hypo attacks but the bloods came back clear.. apparently that will happen with resistance. The key is to get on it now. If its left it could very well turn into type 2 diabetes.

Thankfully it is a reversible disease and I've improved my life a lot... it CAN be done and you CAN do it :)


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Well I need to make my mind up on what diet I am going to follow.

I have a slimming world class in my area on a monday night .. and a weight watchers class in my area on a wednesday night!



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Ive just moved over from SW to WW - I think if you cant eat meat you may very well struggle with the EE plan on SW x

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