Help me i just ate some cheese

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  1. fatnfedup

    fatnfedup Member

    Help me,

    I am really struggling i just ran to the fridge and shuvved a handful of grated cheese in my mouth now i feel really awful and so tempted to eat something.

    I started LT yesterday not thinking about my totm today and i am craving food. What do i do ?:cry:
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  3. diamondlilymay

    diamondlilymay New Member

    I think ive been one of the lucky ones and not really had any cravings/need for food, but next time your hungry try drinking plenty of water instead. I know it sounds silly but it can work to stop the hunger or may be have a bar as it might trick ya mind into thinking your eating actual food, but don't give up yet, its early days and it does get more bearable as you go on, i promise!!! GOOD LUCK and hope this helps:party0011:
  4. lillie

    lillie weighs a lot less

    youve just got to do these first couple of days and then when you hit ketosis the hunger will stop, im on day 2 again today and i know you are hungry i am but you have not to eat it only makes the journey into ketosis longer,now get gulping that water down and try doing something to take your mind off food,my house could do with a hoover lol ,keep going hun its only a couple of days,have a nice bath and a few early nights xxxx
  5. missyd

    missyd Gold Member

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    i am on day 3 and can honestly say i am not hungry at all, day 1 was the hardest
    stick with it just look at some of these guys and gals and see what they have achieved
    good luck X
  6. office girl

    office girl Full Member

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    slimming world
    If i ever feel hungry which is very rarely on week 5 now, i always ask myself 1 question and that is do a want to be a fat bride? (94 days to go!)
    Try to focus on why you have chose to do this diet, it maybe a holiday, special occaision or purely cause you have said to yourself enough is enough, then down a huge glass of water.
    Does the trick for me!
    Hope this helps hun x
  7. fatnfedup

    fatnfedup Member


    Hi lilli,

    Just done as you said went to the fridge for some water but i got no chocolate flavour!

    I will come and hoover your house no problem. Does you hoover look like a cheesburger lol

    LIPOCLARE Full Member

    Hi Fatnfedup

    Now look, food is an addiction for all of us, all that's happening is you are craving your fix, IT WILL PASS! The rest of us use this site as a replacement addiction and log on when we are at our most vulnerable, so i suggest you do the same.
    This is 3-4 days max of small disocmfort versus a lifetime being fed up as you put it yourself, throw away the cheese. If you crave savoury try the chicken soup, if it's sweet the choc / strawberry and for a treat the vanilla with a spoon of coffee, try it if you haven't already.
    Good Luck
    Clare x
  9. fattothin

    fattothin Gold Member

    Lipotrim 1st time
    Put all your cheese on a mouse trap that should work!
  10. jenpink

    jenpink Full Member

    lipotrim tfr
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