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Help me, seriously

For the last 5ish weeks now ive been in the minuses EVERY week, even going up to about -80.
And I thought, right easter is over i'll get back on the wagon, and then bam, life hits me square in the face.
My grandad passed away thursday, the day before weigh in, and I have just binged, and binged and binged. :( I dont know how to stop.
Help me, someone, please? I need some encouragement.
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So sorry to hear about your grandad. When something stressful happens people generally do one of 2 things - binge or can't eat. I binge. So don't worry about it. You have a lot of things to cope with at the moment. Dieting may just move down your list of priorities for the next week or 2.

Big hugs for you.

Irene xx


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REALLY sorry to hear about your grandad... thats so sad and its times like this were we are bound to comfort eat and throw reason out of the window. I dont really know what to suggest.. only that you can either give yourself a few days off-plan... give urself permission so you dont make yourself feel guilty and give yourself a deadline to get back on track in the next few days OR... realise that this is a really crappy time but losing control of your eating is only going to make a truly awful time even worse. whatever works for you hun. have you got plenty of emotional support around you at the moment with friends and family? xxxx
Thanks guys <3
Yeah I got a lot of support, although I have to try and forget about that as I have to put up my Uni exhibition in three weeks-ish, so its just getting more stressful which makes me reach for the chocolate more.
I think I am getting back in control, today has gone over but, thats only within my meals, I havent binged on anything today, which is good.
I think i'll get there slowly, just need to get my head back in the plan.


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I lost my granny recently and put on 8lbs in two weeks but you know I lost them again and don't regret binging at all as that's what I needed to do to cope with the pain (I know that's not right but who cares!) take time for yourself and lots of love your way xx
im so sorry for your sad news huni. i never know what to say to things like this but wanted you to know everyone is here and if you want a shoulder anytime just shout. hope your ok best wishes huni xxxx
Thank youuu <3 I think I'm getting back on the wagon now, tomorrow's weigh in and I've been relatively good since I first posted. I've been burying myself in my uni work as I have to put up my exhibition in three weeks. So I think I'm doing ok :)

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glad your getting back on the waggon huni, let us know how you get on and chin up i know its a hard time but things will get easier xxxx
I had my weigh in today, so now I can start with a clean slate. I gained 1.8lb, and I think this is the kick up the bum I need, and I am definitely on track :) Thank you so much guys, dont know what I would do without you <3
Thank you hannata <3 and thank you Charlotte :) I'm being good so far today!

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