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i have been on ww before and lost weight but just started to feel starving even eating wholegrain foods and no point foods. i am doing slimming world at the mo, but im eating loads and hardly losing weight , i love the plan as i dont have to weight anything but ww did work, dont no what to do,im so confused :cry:
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aw sorry to hear your struggling and feelng hungry, do you think your drinking enough water? most of the time i confuse hunger pangs with thirst..hence me needing to do WW!

hope you decide which diet is best for you chic xx

suz x


hey hun! Yeah i get hungry sometimes on w/w. But when I eat loads of no or low point foods i can fill in with the odd biscuit, cake etc! You dont have to be major strict on the w/w which I love! just keep to ur points. I use 19 point a day and dont even reach my target some days (think i do this tho to save some points for my treat weekends) and its tru about water. I fill up with water sometimes. It just takes the edge off my food cravings --- means going to the toilet more though! I personally couldnt do the slimming world. its not as flexible for me. whereas w/w is. my worst time of day is tea time. I become a greedy pig! x