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Help needed to decide - WW or SW?


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Hi Guys, sorry I've been away so so long, I hope you're all well?

Would one or two of you please answer some questions for me? I am having no luck with SW online and my subscription just ended so....do I go to WW or stick with SW, do I go to meetings or online?

The questions I need answered are:

  1. On WW, do you have to have 3 meals a day?
  2. What ACTUALLY happens in each meeting (SW or WW)? I've been before but ages ago, I can remember slimmer of the week, bowl of fruit, the clapping when someone loses weight (which I sometimes found a bit patronising), and being interminably asked "so what did you do differently this week?" *swallows sarcastic remark* plus a LOT of hanging around, all of which is REALLY putting me off trying meetings again, so any update to these hopefully out-of-date ideas would be very welcome.
  3. SW groups seem to give you less access to recipes, is this right?
Any other information would be great, I know it's a cheek since I haven't been on here in ages, but I could really use some help!

Thanks loads, Jess xx :break_diet:
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Why not pop over to the SW and WW forums and ask there?
Both are great plans and you will lose weight if you follow them properly, you just need to find the plan that fits best with your lifestyle.

As for SW classes I think you get out of them what you are willing to put in. Yes there is a bit of 'happy clapping' but why would you feel the need to "swallow a sarcastic remark" when someone is asked what they have done differently? It's a chance to learn from other people who are in the same position as you, to ask for advice if you are struggling with something, find out how people cope with the difficult times, learn about new foods and recipes or where you can grab a bargain. And where other people can learn from you as well - it's a two way street. If the class is big then it can sometimes take time to get everyone weighed in. But you can use this time to chat to other group members, browse the magazines and books, write our your menu plan for the week.

I'm not quite sure why you think SW give you less access to recipes though. You get the SW magazine which is full of recipes and there a lots of SW books for you to browse at class or buy. Consultants and other group members may well bring in recipes and there will be regular taster sessions. There is a huge recipe sub-forum in the SW section with more than 100 pages of ideas. But the best thing is that you shouldn't need to wait to be spoonfed recipes by SW - a lot of ordinary recipes are either SW friendly or can be adapted without too much difficulty, so you have a whole internet full of recipe possibilities, dig out your recipe books and visit your local library to see what they have to offer.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do
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S: 23st9.5lb C: 23st9.5lb G: 21st3lb BMI: 51.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
The recipe thing was that it says on SW website that you have access to over 1000 doing the online but only 200 online doing the classes. I wasn't expecting to be "spoon-fed" them, it's nice to have the option of just looking up new ones on the net, but that's a good idea of going through existing recipe books.

The "what have you done differently" always got on my nerves because I found it hard not to immediately say "well I ate less chocolate and did more exercise", the answers always seemed so obvious.

I would like the support of a group but I find it really hard to make friends in a forced situation, I never seem to really get chatting to anyone the way I seem to be able to by meeting people completely by chance like in a supermarket or something.

I don't know if it's just me but everyone seems to be in one big happy group and much as I've tried in the past to not sit on the sidelines, it always seems a bit cliquey, has anyone else had this problem?


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S: 17st12lb C: 10st7lb BMI: 22.3 Loss: 7st5lb(41.2%)
You're probably best to ask in the SW forum as you'll get more responses. I think groups vary and some may be a bit cliquey but not all of them - and the only way you are going to find out is to go along ;)

There may well be other newbies joining the same week so that is a good way to make friends as you can support each other. Or aim to get there a bit early and sit next to someone who is on their own - and just ask how they are finding the plan. People will welcome newcomers as we have all been in that position ourselves. Or if you are really anxious about it give the consultant a call beforehand so she can look out for you and make sure you are looked after. I struggle with making conversation with strangers as well - but the only way they stop being strangers is if you make an effort. You know what they say - strangers are just friends that you haven't met yet!
With WW, you don't have to have 3 set meals, you can have your points as and when you want them. I would, if I were you, consider going to a WW class to see how you feel, the magazine or website probably has a discounted first class voucher, free membership or something like that.
Maybe a change away from SW will do you good :D
I've done both WW and SW. From what I remember you only have to have three meals a day on WW if you're following the
core plan, if you follow the points plan you can eat what you like aslong as you stick within your points allowance (could've changed now though as time I followed the plan was 5 years ago). Personally I find SW more suited to me as I can happily only eat free foods and my healthy extras during the week and use my syns for treats at the weekend, however I know women who say they actually gain on SW as they end up eating to much free food so prefare WW as it's more portion controlled. As for the meetings yes I agree they can drag on. The WW meetings I went to weren't so bad as the leader would stop members from over running the meeting by inviting ones who had questions to talk to her afterwards or ring/text/email her for advice.

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