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help needed to start this way of life......

HI I am 38 and struggling to shed half stone, I am 5.1" and 8.5 stone....I have recently done slimming world and weight watchers and find it so difficult to shed the body fat, I excersice 3 times a week and nothing has come off......

I do like a treat once a week, usually half chicken salad pitta, pizza, half bottle of wine etc this was the downfall as I was saving WW points and exercsie points but still put on 2lbs????

I have been in contact with my very healthy cousin and he has mentioned the low carb diet and I am very interested.

can anyone tell me what i can eat? do i stop carbs after a certain time? can i have my cream egg and some wine??

any help will be appreciated
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Hi Diane, 7lbs is not a lot in the low carb/Atkins scheme of things. There is a sticky at the top of the Atkins Forum I posted called "So your thinking of starting Atkins" have a read of that and then come back and ask the questions.
HI Jim
I read that before I posted and I dont want to go the whole hog, just cut down on carbs but was wondering if I will still lose?

thinking of breakfast porridge
mid morn snack nuts, yogurt, fruit, protien drink, milk

lunch carbs

snack as above

dinner no carbs

thinking of 6 small meals a day to keep my metabolisum up?

my cousin who has learned about sports nutrition has told me to do this etc
he mentioned to have carbs early on in the day and then cut them out later in the day?

gonna try it monday etc

OK, lets see how it goes then Diane
so hope i do lose as I was struggling with WW and SW, which diet are you on Jim and has it worked?

keep thinking its; only 1/2 stone but it so hard to shift, feel like people who are heavier seem to lose it eaisier??

Oh yes Diane, it worked fine for me, look at the stats on the sidebar. :) and my before and after photo's on the success thread love.

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