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HELP - OMG- tomato soup is vile. how do i make it

this is my second try on tom soup and again it is REALLY powdery and there are flecks of white powder floating in it. it actually looks like sick and i cannot have it. I am at work, so have nothing else. am i making it wrong. when i had a sip it was all sandy and i cannot get it down.

feeling quite low and weepy - is it worth it? scared to leave it as i have been not drinking all the soups and am worried CD won't work. please help.
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i use a blender on all my soups and drinks, i also make them with half a pack, they last longer and taste more like cupasoups.
how are you making them?
good luck with it
don't have blender at work so just made a paste then stirred like mad. it is like wallpaper paste and i am gonna have to bin it. it has really upset me though as I am trying to stcik 100% but now feel like a failure. i should have got one of each but i have 4 more tom soups and i have already changed them once (oriental chilli to tomato as i thought it would be ok). so today i will end up having jsut 2 shakes. but i am not hungry so that is not a problem but i feel really depressed. feel embarrased for spending the money, for taking my hubby round to letting me do it and now i just want to quit.


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hi leeds, i usually take this one to the office with me, i have one of those screw top addis cups, i only use half a sachet and mix with a little cold water, shake it and then top up with hot water, i find it mixes better when shaken up.



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hi i must admit i dont like the tomato either wen i make mine i put them in a very large cup mine holds bout a pint of liquid and i put slightly more water in than it says also i have one of those battery operated like whisk thingys ...ya know 4 doin frothy coffee makes a brill little mixer 4 the soups..i got mine at a coffee shop was bout 6 quid was not a cheap 1 but my mum got 1 in town for 2 quid and its just as good ..it really makes a difference hope it helps xx
Hiya Leeds.
You could get one of those hand held battery operated frothers:silly::giggle:
Take that to work.
Mix the soup mix with quite a bit of water, not to a paste but to a runny slush, then add your just off the boil water to it in stages, using the frother all the time
Ive never had the tomato or the other one you mentioned and dont fancy either of them.
Hope you can find one of those frothers for work.
Your not failing.
Cant you have an extra one that you like when you get home tonight to make up for not having one this lunchtime?
Lynne x
lol. great minds think alike, or fools seldom differ???
You decide lol
Lynne x
Tomato soup is just plain nasty. Even when you whisk the life out of it, it will still taste bad (tastes like they add builders sand to it) :jelous: !!!

Broccoli and Stilton is even worse and its green :jelous: !!!!

I stick to having the shakes hot in the winter (I carry one of those hand held mini latte type whisks in my bag). Although I do quite like chicken and mushroom soup but that can still have that grit thing going on in the bottom of the mug afterwards :rolleyes:.
thanks everyone. have binned it, but have 3 more at home. sorry for the rant. just having a really bad day. not hungry at all but feel like i cannot do this and always told myself before i started that i would give it a fortnight. i always thought the hunger would make me cave but its actually npt that - its the packs which i cannot stomach.

am gonna just put it behind me and carry on and have a nice hot choc tonight and an early night. i REFUSE To give in now.


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make sure you have two more portions today hon if you haven't had the soup at lunch time. you MUST have the allotted amount of shakes, so two or three more depending on how many you have.

i don't like the texture of the tomato soup but i love the flavour of it. i mix it with a tiny bit of water in the bottom of my mug then stir as i gradually add water to it. that's been the best way for me... sorry it didn't work out.. i would suggest trying some shakes as well as the soups though. there are far more than just the chocolate. and my other fave soup is the chicken and mushroom or chicken and veg, ha. can't even remember which one it is now...

abz xx
The forst few days can be soul destroying if you let them! why not take a hand blender to your work with you so you can make them up better, I have mine in my bag and it goes with me whereever i go!

Dont be down sweetie x x x


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he he wizbang was just thinkin that xx
i have binned the tomato so will end up having to 2 shakes today. will that affect my loss? if i have 3 then won't i be left short for another day?


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get a replacement from your cdc hon. you really do need to have three a day :)

i just made a tomato soup with a tiny bit of water in the bottom. mixed it into a paste and then added boiling water about an inch at a time into the mug and stirring it in completely before adding the next inch. i don't have any of the usual 'pebbles' that usually float on the top. it's really smooth...

abz xx


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I didn't like the tomato until I added a few drops of Tabasco...mmmmmm:D Now I enjoy it(ish!!)

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