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help quick plz = points


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ive been on fast start for past 2 weeks 22 points and im just over 16 stones and should be having 24, now i dont know what to do as i only lost a pound yesterday and if i was at 24 points would i gained or sts??

help plz i dont know what to do cos under 16 then i will be 23 argggghhhh lol

thanks in advance, just trying to do menus for today
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Hi change your colour hun
I did fast start 2 tims since 1st week and I didnt lose anymore than I would normally I think 1 week was 1lbs and went back to my normal points.I dont think we should do fast start for 2 weeks just one.
You say you lost just 1lbs on fast start but you lost 6.5lbs in just 2 weeks and dont frget your bodys going to cling onto lbs if you go to low,even if you sts next week you have lost nearly 1/2 a stone in 2 weeks so its v good going hey :)
I know your worried as you had blips before this freash new start last new start but dont panic as long as your eating less than your body needs and you exercise some you will lose,I had my gain and panicked,Im still worried as I may not lose again but I doing my set points of 21 and exercising and cant do anymore right.As long as your doing plan 100% drinking that water and even just doing a little extra movement you will eventually lose.Make the most of those points as since Ive gone down to 21 its hard.
as far as i know with fast start they have extra options to help yuo build up your points if needed so i'd go with the fast start an the extra


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Gone back to 24 but very wary to eat the whole amount but i will start walking more this week and take little doggie out more. Would go gym but got no trainers and cant afford any atm, but son got treadmill upstairs but he wont put it down for me and then when its down you gotta shut the door and it get toooo hot in there so for a quid would of been perfect to go gym but damn having no trainers :mad::mad:, want to go swimming but that might start the pain in my shoulder again and i dont want that pain again and on codeine for months, and not losing weight :rolleyes: so cant win.

Im hoping the 24 dont make me gain next week because with this being frest start im determine to lose this flab because my daddy has booked a holiday for me and him (NO KIDS) :bliss: egypt for 2 weeks all inclusive 5th jan and i soooo cant wait now woop woop

size102b Hi change your colour hun is that better hehehe xxx


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If 24 are what you should be having and you stick to it - you wont gain! Youll only gain if you go over your points allowance.
Yes just restarted 2 weeks ago and did fast start which was 22 and just wondering if doing 24 i will gain if you understand lol


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Why would you if that's your allowance :confused:
I put my weight back on while being ill and on codeine for a while so when i restarted ithought i would try fast start to start me up and it worked, i was just asking if going to normal points 24 make me gain even though started fast start for the first 2 weeks of my diet.


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I appreciate what youre asking I just dont understand why you think sticking to your correct allowance would make you gain. Kick start is just that and only meant to be followed for a week or 2. If WW say your allowance is 24 then thats what you should have
thanks hun i was just making sure i would be okies on 24, then 24 it is then, thanks

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