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HELP !! SERIOUS MOTIVATION NEEDED ! * A Food reference in here *

After 6 months on this diet I am finally starting to find it very hard to stick to. I am currently doing SS+ but do not really want to go up to any of the food steps (As I dont know what the weight-loss rate is on the food steps). I have 1 st 9 lbs to go until I get to my final goal of 14 stones. But every evening now I find myself thinking of having a nice pizza or something naughty (and I have done a few times :eek:) But I am now finding it VERY, VERY HARD to stick to the diet, even on occasion having the odd thought of :eek: quitting :eek:. (even though deep down, I know I dont want to quit until I finish at 14 stones, when I would of lost a total of over 7 stones.) Im also starting to feel quite hungry in between shakes nowadays, which makes it easier for me to think about cheating. PLEASE HELP. ANY ENCOURAGEMENT AND MOTIVATION VERY VERY WELCOME ! Thanks.
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Why not have a planned week at 810 then back to SS. You may find that a week of "solids" satisfies your Real Food craving, but it should still give you a loss.

Alternatively, you could risk coming out of ketosis - have a day (the day after your weekly WI?) when you have two shakes and a small portion of pizza, then straight back on SS+ for the following six days? I guess this is slightly more risky, but compared to the risk of falling off altogether it might be worth it?

You've done so well so far; one could hardly say your motivation was lacking after six months on SS+!
Hey Paul , well done you !!!!! Has it really been that long , best for you to work up the plans now and the results will be still good , that will stop you thinking of pizza as your having more food as your working up the plans , many times this Q is asked , they are scared to work up the plans , fear of eating , fear of putting on , fear of food !
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Hi Paul

My advice would be to start working up the plans rather than SSing all the way to goal. By working up the plans you will reintroduce food gradually whilst still losing weight and for me personally losing that last bit more slowly and exploring healthy eating has made maintenance quite simple.



I agree with Porgeous - I'm on SS+ and will be moving up to 810 soon, and I find that having a small meal in the evening really satisfies any food cravings I have......I wouldn't risk a 'day off' a week, that will only make it harder to stick to.....get into a routine with a small allowed meal and you should find it easier - Don't give up - you are doing SO well!


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Hi Paul
I know exactly how you feel!! I planned to SS to goal but towards the end I struggled and found myself 'hating' and resenting and praying for it to be over.
The 'head' voices started creeping in "I've done well...better than I thought....little bit of this or that won't hurt"
And I listened to them sometimes:eek:....anyway....I read Icemoose's post about the away from/toward strategy...in brief..when we start on any diet we are motivated as we are running away from being fat/big/overweight....as we reduce the weight, look and feel better, get positive feedback, the urgency isn't as strong so we need to change our thinking and decide what we are running towards.
For me, I missed the gym and I wanted to increase my fitness and tone up and get back into the habit to improve my chances of maintaining....so....I moved up to 790 (now 810) and sometimes 1000.
My last few weigh-ins were erratic....but I finished in style (even if I do say so myself:rolleyes:)
I am just back from a week in the USA, ate what I wanted (funny... I didn't want everything I thought I would:eek:), did a lot of walking/shopping and a few sessions in the hotel gym....and I have stayed the same!!!!
Being back in the world of 'real' food was a bit scary at first....but....we have to get back to eating at some point....my new best friend is exercise/gym, I would say I am following the 80/20 rule....I only use the '20' when I need it/want it and I now get my 'buzz' from the gym.
You have done so very well, be good to yourself and ask yourself the question....."when your CD journey is over....what will be your motivation/goal/dream/project"?
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hi step back and look what you have achieved then face your demons head on best of luck x
Thanks for all the replies.

Hi Paul
My advice would be to start working up the plans rather than SSing all the way to goal. By working up the plans you will reintroduce food gradually whilst still losing weight and for me personally losing that last bit more slowly and exploring healthy eating has made maintenance quite simple.
I have thought about this and this past week, my CDC asked if I would want to start doing this now, but Ive still got 1 stone 9lbs to go, will I lose this by going up the food plans ? Whats the weight-loss rate like with each plan ?
S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)
You will continue to lose on the plans and don't forget you can stop at each step for as long as you like you don't have to whiz through them. I moved up when I had about 2st left to lose and stayed on 1000 for quite a while. Losses can vary enormously from person to person but mine averaged around 2lbs a week on a 1000. It might take you a little longer to lose that last 1st 9lbs than staying SS... BUT if you are feeling like you may fall off the SS wagon maybe it is the better option. For me personally it eased me into a new way of eating at a controlled and steady pace and gave me space to get my head around the journey I had been on, I figured that maintenance was going to be a life long committment to change so taking a little longer to get to the finishing line was okay.

Good luck whichever you decide and congratulations on your awesome weight loss.
Just wanted to add my congratualtions - Think that moving up the plans in a planned way rather than giving in to the demons is well worth the extra few weeks it may take.
Thought you might like some :vibes::vibes:


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hey hon. i have just made the decision to move up to 810 and the weight loss should be similar to doing ss. about 3lbs a week. more with more to lose. and probably even more since you are a guy. and it's amazing how much easier i have found it. i have only been doing it for four days but i haven't craved a thing since i did and before the demons were at me ALL the time. it isn't much food, it is still restrictive, but it does give you solids like someone has said. and it's amazing how full you feel after that tiny bit of meat and veg, ha. i really would recommend it. still get three cambridge things a day too. and i have to force myself to remember the last one. and you can have milk in your tea again :)

good luck hon. you have come so far and have done amazing things. truly amazing. you don't have far to go and moving up the plans to get you used to eating again so you don't fall face down in pizza once at goal could be the way to go. retraining yourself on what you can eat to maintain. that's the hurdle we all face once we get to the end after all...

abz xx


Cambridge Counsellor
I agree with all the above. I'm also saying goodbye to ketosis and moving up to the 1000/1200 plans for my last 1 or 2 stone.

The only thing I would add is that moving up to these programs gives you a bit more leeway and a bit more energy to find a type of exercise that you enjoy and really go for it.

Personally I'm a serious gym nut, but found that I wasn't able to complete the high-intensity workouts that I craved, while on the lower energy programs. They made me feel sick and faint.

Now I'm eating a bit more, I have rediscovered my love of the gym, and over the next 3 or 4 months I am going to focus more on getting my body fat % down and building a bit of muscle. I'm not going to agonise over whether I'm losing 1/2 pound a week or 3 pounds - as long as all of it is fat.

You've done extremely well so far - but sounds like you're getting a bit bored with the weight loss. So time to look at the body improvement from a new angle - set yourself a sporting challenge and go for it.
Paul, everyone else has given some really good advice, so I just wanted to add my congratulations, you have done brilliantly! Would definitely love to see some pictures. It might also help you realise how well you have done.

Good luck with whatever you choose for your last bit of losing weight x

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