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help!! what is wrong with me this morning??

i cannot believe what i have just done!!:eek: while feeding my 8 month old her weetabix i ate two small spoonfuls of weetabix :sigh: what is wrong with me!!! probably ruined my hard work so far this week now!!!:cry:and this was probably half my problem in the first place finishing my eldest daughter's left overs!! OMG i feel terrible now!!:cry::cry::wave_cry:
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I am sure 2 spoonfuls of weetabix wont do to much damage but you certainly have to put your mind in gear whilst on LT as I was getting a bit like that when cooking for the family the spoon nearly went in my mouth on several occasions as I am so use to trying the food to make sure it tasted ok, I have now got into the habit of shouting my son into the kitchen as chief taster.

Whats done is done, dont worry about it just put it behind you.


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2 spoons did not do any damage hun don't worry. Sometimes it happens. Just carry on and don't get upset over it.
I don't think just 2 spoonfuls will have done too much harm. Try to forget about it, and focus on drinking as much water as you can. I'm sure you will have a good WI

Clair x


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There's no way that 2 spoons of weetabix will have harmed your weightloss hon, even putting ketosis aside, you've still had a huge calorie deficit this week which would result in a weightloss anyway.

Carry on the rest of the day as normal and forget all about it. Old habits die hard and it's a lesson you've learned, next time you'll be more careful about not eating while feeding your wee one.

Don't beat yourself up over it either, it's a simple mistake, we all make them, and you have done fantastically well on LT, losing lots of weight. Just keep in mind how far you've come and why you're doing this. Why not treat yourself to a nice pampering session, or a new item of clothing, something, anything, to reward yourself for the hard work achieved so far and put the weetabix down to experience.
*huge hugs* Yummy Mummy

Awww sweetie, I doubt 2 spoonfuls of Weetabix will have ruined all your hard work. Try and look into yourself and find out why you did it. Is it just maybe habit? Like a reflex action? When I first started a few times I had to spit stuff out into the sink while cooking! It was a force of habit. Habits are so hard to get rid off!

Don't be so hard on yourself. It was a little slip up in the grand scheme of things. You've done brilliantly sweetie, and will continue to do so, I'm sure of it!

Put it firmly in the past, and move forward and continue on as normal. If you ever feel yourself weakening then get on here. The forum will be great company while Hubby is away. I feel for you as I couldn't go one night without my Hubby, he is my rock.

Thank you everyone for your advice and support. of course you are right old habits are the worst!! betsy i just love reading your comments you are so caring!! i have been 100% all day and will not be taking another mouthful of the kids food am determined to break that habit while on LT i will no longer need to finish their left overs!! thanks everyone i sooo glad we have this forum xx:)
Wahey Yummy Mummy! So pleased to read that you've had a good day, and you're determined to break old habits. It is sooooooooo hard to stop doing something that you've done without thinking for so long. I used to pinch something off my baby's plate without even thinking about it! I didn't even wait for left overs! I'm such a bad Mother!

Keep that determination!

Hi hun i totally agree with betsy(again, haha) its habit i had a week and a half where i kept doin that while cooking drove me insane coz i kept having to go spit it into the sink then felt miserable after haha! Its pure habit for me and a habit i am determined to break. This is a lesson hun you are more aware of your food habits now which will prepare you for wen your back on food, no more eating your childrens food. Guilt i think comes in huge waves on this diet but just put it behind you and learn from it. You will be grand.

Really glad your day turned out better. xxx

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