HELP......whats wrong with me!!!


Hi all feeling very peed off with myself and just want to be normal!!!!!!!!!

I started CD back in april and lost 3st3..went away on hols lost the plot and put on about a stone in about 5 weeks!!! Got back on cd 2 weeks ago and was really positive, I have a new CDC who is fab and I have the incentive of getting married in march next yr.

Well I was fab...lost 11lb last week I and CDC were over the moon! Have been fab this week then bloody went and ate yesterday!!! not just a little bit but a good old fashioned binge! WHY!!!???????

I decided to put it behind me and get on with the week, I have been fab today just had 2 shakes and loads of water........decided to have a small aam for dinner as I could feel the need to eat feeling coming along yet again...or is it all in my mind???? so decided it was the better of the 2 evils.........then blow me after that I went and ate a few crisps and about 5 of the kids sweets!!!

WHY CANT I BE NORMAL!!! why cant i just eat when I am hungry and stop when I am not and just have a healthy meal and that be it!!! why do I have to keep refering to my old ways......why havent I learnt anything whilst being on CD?????

is any one else in the situation or gone through this!??

I know I only have about 1 1/2 stone to go which could be gone in a matter if weeks/months! what the hell is wrong with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOU !:mad: :mad:
Oh Lou, there's nothing wrong with you - you're human, you made a mistake. Now stop beating yourself up cos that just makes it worse. Go - have a bath, wash your hair and have an early night. {{{HUGZ}}}
Dont panic. Its normal. You are not odd or a failure or strange.

You simply for a moment went back to you old habits and ways...and prehaps that was comforting - in a way - being 'normal' like you was before the diet (if you know what i mean - picking here and there at food willy nilly...)

I feel that because you strongly want to do this - you are putting alot of pressure on yourself.

If you just relax when the need takes you...and know its for comfort more than anything may find whats really ailing you.

If you are like me of course - who actually just stuffs before even thinking about it...then its the guilt and memory loss :)

I have a friend who resents every second on a diet...because she cant do what most people who are not overweight can - just eat when they want. She considers this 'normal' Only problem is they stop at a certain point...thus in lies the problem...

Now, dont panic and dont pressure yourself and and doing that you may find it somewhat easier to not pick at stuff.

The key for me to not get extremely worked up over it...before AND after the fact.

If its done - its done. If you stopped yourself all well and good.

Keep trucking along, you WILL get there and there is nothing, nothing wrong with you.

Hi Lou, I am exactly the same. I was on day 4 of ssing today, but cooked the kids tea then troughed all evening. So now i am really depressed. i dont think i will ever get back on ss. At least, thats how it feels.:( :( It was my 3rd or 4th attempt to get back on ss.

BUT I will try again tomorrow!:rolleyes:
Well girls as you say you must put this behind you. I think as soon as routine sets in with school you will be fine its tougher at holiday times for mums.

Why day 3/4 its because this is when all the glycogen store has gone and your body has to burn fat for energy, this is hard work, so your brain tricks you into thinking you are hungry and makes it really difficult for you.

If you can ignore this trick of the mind you will go into ketosis as the fat burns and your appetite will go and you will start to feel really well as the ketones kick in.

Just start afresh tomorrow.