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help with iwatchr

Hey hun

Open iwatchr
Open calculator, click custom

Your fields should look exactly like this, but remember you have to change the value title to protein, carbs etc

Protein /10.99
Carbs /9.17
Total Fat /3.89
Fibre /34.48

Half point rounding off

Make sure you have the / and the + in the right place as thats where I went wrong the first time

Hope that helps, Im crap at explaining x x x
Thanks hun, although the scales are being stubborn this week and not moving and I have a vodka fuelled weekend ahead of me so Ill probably gain on Monday x x
Thanks for your help this now means I can convert things I have in the house ready for next Wednesday wi and when start it I compared it with the Dutch online one and it is perfect once again thanks
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I think iwatchr is pretty good and you look far less conspicuous whipping out your phone in the supermarket than standing there with your points calculator! I often use mine whilst out n' about to work out points but don't use it to log food - I prefer pen and paper for that.
Help I did what you said do you type it in field 1 2 3 4 etc?then click configurethen it says
field 1 /1
field2 /1
feild3 /1
field4 /1
as the custom page you put in details but the configure page you try and it goes back to the above???? SORRY
lol ok mate, open iwatchr, calculator, custom

Press configure

Then start typing in your fields, it should look like this

field1 /10.99
field2 /9.17
field3 /3.89
field4 /34.48

Half point rounding off

Once this is configured it should give you the option to rename the values fields, make sure they are in this order:-

Total Fat

Then it should work hun xx
Maybe its because its configured with the half point rounding off..? I think someone said theres no half points with PP so if you got it to 1.7 youd round it to 2. Who knows tho, Im probably totally wrong hehe
Yup I meant that as theres no half points in PP, the formula gives the exact amount. Im unsure if the app would round it UP or DOWN so its probably easier to work it out exactly and round up yourself xx
no, you're right riot: no half points with the propoint. Hence, if something comes out in the formula as 1.7, you round it to 2. 1.5 you round it to 2 also :)

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