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Help....worried mother on my back!


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Help guys...My mum just sent me the email below via facebook. What can I say to alliviate her worries??? I dont want her to worry about this. Please any advice would be great.........
"lee, ime worried about you love. being in ketosis this long is no good for you, it can lead to a condition called acidosis which is really serious. i know i said i wouldnt interfere but its too important for me to keep quiet. you can get dizziness, fast breathing, breath smelling of sort of new mown hay, and you can lapse into a coma. please lisa stop now. i know its not what you want to hear but what sort of mum would i be to say nothing. please lise. i love you darling."

What should I say to her to stop the worrying. I am a grown woman but I can understand her feqrs but I dont know what to say to that.
L xx
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Wow that is a really tough one. Mom's will obviously always worry, but this diet is a safe one, and the acidosis, seems to be more linked to type 1 diabetes - well from what I read prior to starting LL anyway. BL and SB and all the other lovely ladies and gents on here who lost huge amounts of weight seemed to manage just fine. Perhaps gently explain to your Mom why this diet is important to you, that you are supervised medically whilst on it, and show her a few articles about acidosis, perhaps even let her have a chat with your GP? Hopefully this will put her mind at ease. I think you are doing amazingly, and can only hope my weight losses will be as spectacular as yours!!!! You could also talk to her about how being overweight is even more unhealthy for you and can lead to greater health problems.Keep going on your journey, this is all about YOU, not your Mom.


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Yes. You can.
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Could you show her this forum, and she can see people like me, SB, and others that have had nothing but improved health after 30+ weeks?

Mums are meant to be concerned, its their jobs. But if she sees and hears of others experiences, might put her mind to rest?

Everything in life has risks, and *possible* side effects, but does not mean everyone will experience them. It is a very small percentage that do.

If this diet, or any diet that put people into ketosis had people suffer the above concerns, imagine the press. I t would be widely known and these diets could not be approved.

She is concerned about her little girl, but sounds like her imgaination is getting the best of her....?

GOod luck, kjeep us posted, ay? :)


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I read a while ago that there are different stages of 'ketosis'. Only the most severe state can cause such a condition and only after a fairly prolonged period. ... but on this diet we do not reach that severity level because of the nutrients we consume (we have enough carbs in the foodpacks for this) and we drink plenty of liquids. The most severe state would happen if there were zero carbs and sugars as far as I understood with my non-scientific brain! :p

Out of TENS of THOUSANDS of people who have lost weight with LL, I have never heard someone going into a coma or dying from acidosis. You should be more worried about drowning yourself in water! Lol. The foodpacks and the LL program are very well researched, and I know that a few key words such as 'ketosis' can trigger a panic attack when put into a search engine such as GOOGLE! :D

Good luck with your mum - at the end of the day though, you have to do what's right for you. We've all had disapproving family members and friends, but we've pushed on and have come out triumphant on the other side. You know LL is safe. There is plenty of proof out in the world and on this forum!

Hi Lisa

Poor you.
Is your Mum overweight herself?
Where did she get her information from?
Was she concerned about your health
before you decided to lose weight?
Dooes she know you had to get medical approval before starting and that you have to have a check up every month?
Does she know LL have a medical section?
Most of the fears she has are things that happen when people don't follow the LL programme porperly, either drink excessive amounts of water in a short time or don't have all the packs because they think it'll make them lose weight more quickly.
It's good that she's concerned, but you can allay her fears.
Tell her my story if it will help. In the year before LL I was in danger of losing my job because I had been off sick so much with pneumonia, bronchitis and chest infections, always catching tthe next thing because my immune system was bu**ered! I had steroids,anti-biotics, time off work,, was so fed-up. Blood pressure was up. I also had a problem with my foot and could hardly even wear flat shoes.
Now, I'm just about to get a letter from work congratulating me on being one of the few people to not have a day off sick in the past year. My foot is fine, high heels most days. I can breathe prperly, blood pressure normal, loads of energy, relationships with everyone, OH,Friends, family colleagues, all better. I'm a happier person.
I know people who have been able to come off medication for diabetes, high blood pressure, depression due to having done LL.
If you have a good GP,LLC or Practice Nurse maybe they would speak to your Mum if you can't convince her. Or ask the LL medical team for advice. I'm sure this happened before. You are a big girl now. You owe it to yourself to be able to decide whether to do LL.


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S: 18st12lb C: 14st12lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 4st0lb(21.21%)
Thanks guys. I just sent my mum a long email and told her everything I have just read from you lot. I also have sent her a link to this site and hope she will have a look.
My mum is overweight herself and has many of the sypmtoms associated with it. I hope that she does stop worrying but she can be a little tunnelvisioined sometimes...lol now lets hope that she misses that last comment if she does find us here:eek:.
Again many thanks to you all.


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I agree with all the above completely. Never felt so healthy in my life! I now feel 30 instead of nearly 40 (and pre LL, nearly 70!!)

I started this diet after a consultant in the hospital in which I worked fully researched the LL programme and all the literature, and felt it safe enough and sensible enough to undertake it herself. She did amazingly and now even recommends it to some of her patients to assist them in addressing their health problems, or before surgery.

It's amazing the changes in the way I feel physically. I won't go through all the above again as the wise words already written cover everything I would have said. Don't let this put you off your stride though - you've done so well!


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Hellooooooo Lisa's Mum!:wavey:

Please take time to read the forum and then weigh up everything wrong with being overweight for a long time against a few weeks of weightloss.

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