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Hi everyone hope you are all ok x I am on Day 8 of LT and after finding out yesterday I had lost a stone i am more determined than ever. The problem I have is that allthough I am not bothered about food I also dont feel like having my shakes. I feel sick at the thought and am finding them really hard to keep down. Has anyone else been through this? How did you get through it?

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Sorry to hear you're having a hard time (well done on the stone though, that's great!!).

I struggled for a good few weeks with the shakes - I really hated them! I still find them unpleasant, but, don't really think about it any more. I just had to resolve to have them & really force them down - I know that's not all that helpful, but it's true! Don't look at them as food, just, as supplements or medicine, I think that helps a bit because they're even more horrible when you think that they're your "food".

Good luck :)

Thank you Hannah that helped me to get my last shake down. I was watching my wedding wedding when i was a size 10 and thinking about the shake as medicine to get me back to that and i got it down in record time lol Thank you for your help. It helps to know i am not alone x x


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Hi Shaz, have you tried making the shakes a bit weaker ie using around 400mls of water, and maybe adding a sweetener tablet - that might make them a bit nicer for you ?

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I use ice a good lot of the time. Put plenty of ice in them and blend well. A teaspoon of coffee in the vanilla one makes it nicer too. I've gone through phases of hating them all but it passes in a day or two. Make sure to take them as you need the nutrients
i put nearly 600ml of water in it. i hated the texture until week 3 an ice was a life saver. i still have one with no ice in work coz the blender is too noisy for a packed canteen but now its lovely.
Hi everyone x I tried putting more water in yesterday and that helped but i now know why i didnt want anything yesterday. I have got a cold and sore throat which i got from the kids x on the plus side i am managing three shakes a day now with the help of putting extra water in so thank you all x Hope I get better soon x Thank you all again x x x


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Hope you're feeling better soon, I've been a bit run down lately too (cold and sore throat!) and its miserable!

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