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  1. Achelois

    Achelois Full Member

    I really need your help.... I just CANT get back into SS even if I try. I manage 3 days tops and then give in. I lost 5 1/2 stone last year and now have put back 2. I need to do this - I hate feeling a fraud especially where my clients are concerned. Should I just give up? I dont want to but I honestly feel like I am "made to be fat" does anyone know what I mean???

    A xx
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  3. Dinosaur

    Dinosaur Full Member

    Why do you cheat? Is there a mental reason, or a time of day that makes it hard for you?

    I would perhaps start to work down the plans rather than jumping straight into SS.

    Maybe start at the 1000 plan, and do that for a week before moving onto 810, then SS+.

    I found that when I started to want to cheat more, that being on SS+, with the ability to have a small meal in the evening, made me feel a lot better.

    Good luck, and remember doing something is better than doing nothing - so don't abandon the diet, but if being on a higher plan keeps you going then that's got to be a solution?!
  4. donnamarie2uk

    donnamarie2uk Full Member

    I felt exactly the same last week, This is my first time on CD and I just couldnt manage to stick to SS so last thursday I decided instead of failing at the diet to move to SS+ and now im happy, Cant believe how having such a small meal at teatime helps me stay so focused. Thursday, Friday and Saturday I stuck to it easily yesterday I was good until my partner had some baked bread and I couldnt resist but today im back to being focused. Had a peep at the scales this morning and they are slowly coming down :)
  5. Achelois

    Achelois Full Member

    Thanks for your replies. I just seem to get to stage where I am not even hungry and just eat. And because I have "been good" all day I binge when I eat which makes it worse. I just feel so rubbish at the moment. I think the main reason is because I have all of these social events with work coming up. Work think my diet is a joke because I have been starting this SS for the last 4 weeks and by Tuesday / Thursday it is all over again! See what you are saying though about something is better than nothing. Do you think I could lose 2 stone in 7/8 weeks if I did sole source? I should know this - but me telling myself doesnt sound as convincing as someone else telling me - does that make sense?
    Thanks for being there
    A xx
  6. Mini

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    Hi Achelois,

    Take a deep breath!

    Best way to get back to SSing is to ease yourself back into it.

    Do one of the higher plans for a week which allows you a small meal and as you gain in confidence move down the steps gradually into SSing.

    Leave the CD bars alone until ketosis is well established over three weeks!!!

    I found the CD bars which I love too much activated my cravings.

    You have lost five and half stone and put back on only two which is excellent!!!

    You are so right to do something about it now before it goes any higher.

    You know you can do it, just don't be so hard with yourself and a week or two of easing yourself back into SSing actually takes less time than falling off the wagon every few days...going cold turkey SSing only builds frustration within you which leads on to pressurizing yourself into SSing again, you have to break the cycle.

    When you take the stress and pressure off yourself you will lose weight quicker for sure and find it so much easier to do.

    Love Mini xxx
  7. Achelois

    Achelois Full Member

    Thanks everyone. I feel like I wish my life away half the time i.e. last year I couldnt wait for August and this year I want it to be September so that I have lost the weight again! Should I just ignore my colleagues and go for it or pretend I am not doing a diet????
  8. Hedgehog

    Hedgehog Gold Member

    I cannot advocate this enough, when I was putting huge pressure on myself to lose weight I felt like I was putting on the weight faster!!!

    Definitely take a deep breath and perhaps even think about doing SS+ that way when you are planning for a meal you are preparing within the programme

    If you can stick to it there is no reason why you wont get that 2 stone off in 7/8 weeks, I lost 2 stone in 6 weeks :)

    Best of luck with the restart
  9. Achelois

    Achelois Full Member

    Thanks - I will keep you posted. Maybe SS+ tomorrow then! I will let you all know how I get on. & thanks xxx
  10. donnamarie2uk

    donnamarie2uk Full Member

    Hi How you doing today? Hope you are feeling more positive about yourself and the diet. Im sure if you started on 810 or SS+ you would start to get back into the swing of the diet. Im so glad i'm on SS+ as I'd of wasted another load of days having 2 shakes then binging on a night. Im finding it a lot easier now, but cant get my self out of the habit of jumping on the scales every morning, they are going down but a lot slower than I was hopin, but it is TOTM so that could be having an effect on me too.
    Take care and take one day at a time, and before you know it you will have lost that 2 stone xxx
  11. JaxieD

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    Hi Achelois, hope you're managing ok today? I really feel for you especially with being a CDC and all that - but don't beat yourself up, you are human after all, just like to rest of us and have all the same strengths and weaknesses.:) Look on the bright side of it - you've only put on 2 stone and you lost a whopping 5 1/2 so that's a hell of an achievement:D. Try and stay focused - not managing to do SS is not a failure, i couldn't do it and that's why i chose SS+. Good luck and keep us posted!!:grouphugg:
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