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You have lost 7lb! That is a massive incentive! Just think what your loss will be next week - you may not be so fortunate if you have that chinese.

You are paying alot of money to do LL, why waste it? Think about why you started LL in the first place and where you want to get to.

Kat xx


Playing the Angel
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Step away from the Chinese!!! It is fat, msg, and usually meat of dubious origin ( lol from that I mean its frozen with lots of water and not that it might be cat!!) Stick to the programme, it works and you are doing fantastically. One Chinese meal is just not worth it!

Keep Strong


sukie sue

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dont do it hunnie , you can have chineese whenever you want when youre done , this is you time hunnie , you decided to do this for a reason , think back , and i can pretty much say , if you give in to one meal now youll be looking back soon whishing youd said no . so say no now and feel the pride after , youre boyfriend can have his chineese , but you dont need to for him to have it , yes you will feel discomfort at the time , youre chatterboxes will go mad , as im sure they are now .but right now you have a choice to make about how you feel when that food is gone. you can choose to feel euphoric with pride and relieved you made it through with out even a taste or you can choose to feel ashamed , deflated and very upset with yourself and wondering why you thought it was worth it in the first place . because that is what you are doing , you need to decide now how you want to feel later and then from there on in . im sooo sorry if this sounds harsh its truly not meant that way im just trying to shout at you with panic from here :eek:.
try to think this way , a year from now you could be the person walking in those gorgeous clothes with youre head held high checking yourself out in shop windows ( i still do it , makes me smile in shock stil !!!)and feeling amazing knowing that you did it !! or...
you could be the you that you are now , or worse , bigger wishing that youd said no the 1st time ,because if you had you would be the one looking like her in the gorgeous outfit posing in the shop windows :0) sounds extreme but that is exactly what happens each time we try and fail on a diet we waste oppertunities like this.
try to find serenity valleys thread on time , it really brings everything into focus :D
sorry again for the rant but ive been there so i care xxxx


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remember, you can have chinese if you want and when you want - you are an adult and have the right to that choice

however, you just don't want to have it now - you are making the choice not to have it today.

you will choose to have it again - but just not now - there will still be chinese takeaway in 3 months time and it will taste just the same as it does now

you can choose to have it then.....

(works for me!)
daisy x


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This may sound a little harsh, but as you've only just started the programme, could you not ask your boyfriend to be a little more supportive, and in these early days have his chinese or whatever elsewhere?!

I know in my first few weeks I avoided food temptations to a degree, and I don't see that as a cop-out, I just wanted to make it easy as possible on myself. My boyfriend and friends were totally supportive, and now it's no issue at all, I never feel tempted, probably because I have lost enough to start feeling really good about myself. So, why make it harder than it needs to be? :)
i am in the same position tomorrow as all my friends are going out on a hen night,i dont want to go but its family so dont wannalet them down.i am going to test my willpower tomorrow night hope its strong enough.


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You'd rather let yourself down then blue eyes?

Not a good idea - You need to re-establish your self esteem - and this is just the time to prove to yourself that you can do it.

Do you want to be fat or thin?

Sorry to be harsh but it is entirely up to you what you do, and pandering to other people's whims may be the easy option but where has that got you before?

Sorry and good luck


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My take on this is that if you are 100% commited to doing this then you have to explain this to your nearest & dearest and gain their understanding and support.

I started 5th Jan and had many family birthdays and occaisions during Jan & Feb but I told them all in advance that I wouldn't be joining them (and why)for a meal but would join them afterwards. For me I just didn't want to put myself through it and risk lapsing. The result is that I stayed 100% absintent. They were all fine and completely understood and looking back it was such a short space of time that I had to do that and I am soooo glad I did.

Some people manage to go along to occaisions and not eat and if you are 100% sure you can do that then great but if you are not then don't do it. You have to put yourself first for a while.



Gotta Make A Change
im in the same boat, have a party tonight :) wahey and food is on the menu, but i no im going to be strong and avoid temptations and have sparkling water or mineral water :) yes, and once im back ill let you know how it went :)
Come on girls

If you look back on somr old posts on here you will see that the people who gave themselves the odd "night off" or "treat" are the people who have found it most difficult to get through to their goal.
you'll be suprised that you go out and join in and enjoy yourself without eating and drinking. I did it for 11 months. I didn't want to opt out and put my life on hold for that long.Funny thing is Idon't really enjoy alcohol now! Bonus.
I'll be interested to hear how you have all done this week-end. Good luck. xx:wave_cry:


Gotta Make A Change
Oh yes is all i can say :)
Stuck to my water, avoided temptations and spent the night dancing with the OH :)


Gotta Make A Change
Wel done kenshin!
thanks mikey one thing ive actually noticed, its easier avoiding temptations at partys, but i found it harder at home :) but so far so good, got my WI on thursday so looking forward to that :)

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