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Here i go again.....DETERMINED!!!

Good morning everyone :) just been Reading some of your weight loss diaries...what an inspiration!!! So here I go and I'll attempt to do the same.

I'm lea, 28 years old and have been overweight FOREVER!! I've always been on a diet...tried weightwatchers, slimming world and simple old healthy eating. It's worked in the past but I'm impatient and want results NOW!

I've done CD earlier in the year and lost 21lbs in a month but then I went to Glastonbury and went to weddings and just generally had a good summer! I couldn't afford the diet any more and thought I could diet on my own...big mistake....back to square one!

My biggest weight ever was 15 stone 9 and I lost some weight myself before I decided I wanted bigger losses...so here I am!

Reasons for doing this......
I've had a rly crap cpl of years and this year should have been my year but didn't really end up being!! I've had depression and think one of the reasons was cos I got so unhappy with my weight....and cos I hated the way I looked I stopped going out, I didn't want ppl to see me...then being so bored and lonely made me worse! I feel much better now but the pounds started creeping back on so I know it's time to return onto the best diet EVER and get back all those happy feelings.

Today I start a new job.until Friday I was a dietetic assistant....helping ppl lose weight can u believe? But it meant talking about food all day every day and eating with dietitians all the time. I found myself scared to tell them I was doing CD so gave in all the time! Had to get out of there and so I have!! Today I start as a support worker for ppl with learning disabilities! Know I'm gonna love it and think I'm gonna do rly well on the diet cos I'll be more busy and active every day!

So here I go....day one.
Weight 14 stone 7

Dress size 16 bottoms
(extremely snug and rly I should be thinking of biting the bullet and buying 18s but I I refuse!)
Size 16 top
Gotta do it this time cos my fiancé is paying....he saw how much happier I was when I was shedding the pounds ...do need to make him proud!

Only prob is, cos I've put off starting, I'm getting weighed THURSDAY so only have 3 days but after that I b more regular.

SS here I come....good luck everyone and thank you for your inspirations!! X
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Welcome and good luck! I'm going to glasto next year and will hopefully be slim by that time hehe. Are you going again?
Make sure you let us know how you get on! You can do it!
Ooh yes I most certainly am going back to glasto next year! I love the place!!

Well day one is done and I'm looking forward to a nice shake for lunch. Feeling fine so far and very positive.

However, started my new job yesterday and I'm going to HATE it, it was awful!! Anyone know of any jobs going over Christmas? Lol. Need to earn enough money for my CD or else!!!

Hope everyones doing well :)
It's a support worker but I've done it before and loved it...I just got a rly bad feeling about this one. Applied for loads more things so fingers crossed I won't be there long!
And yip, day 2 almost over! Black coffee is my friend :) know tomorrow probs b the hardest on the diet and I'm off work too so I think I may hide in bed and watch DVDs all day :) xxx
Well done for sticking with it - you're doing great! :D Nearly through the worst of it now.

Hope your new job seems a bit better soon x x
Well day 3 almost over!!!
Ive managed and so far really feel fine :)
I've even been to zumba tonight, I go every week but feel like I had loads more energy tonight...prob cos usually when I go I'm bloated n av stuffed my face with crap beforehand kidding myself I need the extra energy!

So my first proper exercise since starting ss and I feel ok...slightly more light headed than usual but I did it!! And I get weighed in the morning but as I've only done 3 days I ain't holding my breath

At least I've proved to myself I CAN get back on the wagon, and know that next week I'm gonna have a big loss no matter what!!

Keep you posted :) xxx
Good morning day 4 I've not been looking forward to seeing u!!!
I remember when I did this last time day 4 was my worst day....headaches, dizziness etc. But today I'm going to be positive especially as Im off to see my CDC in TWO HOURS!!
I don't know what the outcome will be. I was SUPPOSED to start last Friday but gave it up as a bad job and started Monday. Aw well.

Problem is, cos I'm getting weighed soon I'm scared to drink too much water this morning but I'm thirsty....how pathetic!!

What do others do? Anyone have any strange little weigh day rituals? :)
Lost SIX pounds this week :) I can't believe it!! RESULT!!

Was also talking to my CDC about how I can become a consultant. Have to have a BMI of 28 so she said I got bout a stone and a half to go. Gonna try and get that off before January....imagine how many people go on diets in January....
It's a big incentive to do well over Xmas :)
Thanks felix :)

Hey determinator, job still not so good but I have everyone and their dog looking out for something for me so ya never know. Just need to make sure I stick with CD, usually when I'm unhappy I turn to food, but I'm on such a high from the weight loss at the mo I'm lettin everything else go over my head!! :) x
Wooooooo day 7!! Just need to get through today then a whole week of ss soooo proud of myself! :) anyone Reading this who is just starting or thinking of starting, it DOES get easier!!! :)

Happy happy HAPPY today!!! :)
Just went to the fridge to get my nice cold bottle of water....and ma bloody sister has put some left over takeaway pizza from last night...she went out n got drunk while I watched the kids :)
But it's my fav chicken pizza with garlic sauce mmmmm. There was a time not so long ago (6 days) when that would have been my breakfast....happy times!! Haha

But so far I've resisted and just gonna sit here with my neice n watch roly poly oly ...oh and KILL my sister when she gets out of bed!!! Haha

Have a good day everyone :) xxx
Re: Re: Here i go again.....DETERMINED!!!

Well done sticking to it, peoples weight loss amazing on CD!
Why don't you like your job? I'm a support worker for people with LD, I love it!:))) I've done loads of other jobs in offices and been a hairdresser ect.... But always come back to this. I love it!
I loved my last support work job but this one just felt wrong as soon as I walked in....I didn't feel right in there. I've actually left already cos it wasn't for me. I have enough part time work to tide me over til after Xmas so just looking for something full time now. I'm reporting the place to the authorities cos I actually think they need a serious inspection and talking to. I'm not afraid of hard work....i'll get ma hands dirty and do anything I have to...but some of the things i saw in the home made me not wanna be a part of it.

Looking for more support work tho if u hear anything ;-) haha xx
Oh that's a shame and yes report them. If you find the right place it's the best job isn't it?!
I get to take my guys skating, swimming, cinima, meals all sorts, not like work at all!

Ha, as for a job... Where are you? If your near ascot way there's loads of work!
Aw unfortunately I'm all the way oop north. Will keep looking and find something I'm sure, there's always support work going it's just finding a nice place :)
It's good rly cos I WAS working in a dietitians having to talk about food all day every day lol!! As I was helping ppl lose weight I was piling it on ;-) x

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