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Here we go again!


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Hi there, returning lipotrimer here, with more weight to lose:cry:..I plan to start the shakes again on Monday as i have a busy weekend ahead, and dont want to mess up before ive even begun.....again:)..

Right......I have a very young family who of course are totally dependent on me for food, and im worrying already about how i continue to cook for them while maintaining this diet.... Is it really doable? (sorry for bad english) ha ha.

My first attempt at this diet was only a short one, about 6 days, so i really dont know how im going to feel after the first week. Please , please , please can somebody reassure me.... :sign0009:Have you been in my shoes before?...Will i get through this? Im really worried about it. Any reasurrance would be great....Thanks:)
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I'm on day 8 and I am a single mum to two daughters aged 13 and 9 and yes it is achievable! I make sure when I am cooking dinner for them I have iced water and just keep drinking it it definitely helps!

I found the hardest days 2 and 5 and just tried to keep my mind of food by having a nice long bath and going to bed early and this site - I log on whenever I'm struggling read all the inspirational stories and it just gives me the strength to carry on.

All the very best next week - whenever you're hungry drink that water and you'll be fine.
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I have 3 children and cook for them - tonight was lasagne which smelt delicious!!!! I was worried I wouldn't be able to cope but (after the first week) it has been fine. The hardest part is remembering not to lick your fingers!!!!

It is totally doable. It is hard work but now I shop, cook and dish up without any problems.

What you must do is give it time. The first week is the toughest but your first WI will make it all worth it. You must not cheat and you must drink plenty of water, a minimum of 2 litres but more if possible. Keep yourself occupied and treat yourself often - nice bubble bath, interesting book, haircut, manicure, etc.

Good luck.



Says it as it is!!!
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yup, you can do it i am also single mu to 5 &11yr old boys who do nothing but eat!!! you are strong hun!!! good luck xx


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S: 16st10lb C: 16st10lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 42.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks alot for all the advice. I cant wait to start now. My hubby is very supportive and is prepared to sort himself out when he has to, but from the sounds of it, i should be able to carry on as normal..(apart from eating that is)... Im all excited now.. Its great knowing that you are all here to help me, and everyone else reach our goals.

S: 18st9lb G: 9st0lb
Good luck.

Remember there is always someone on here to help you through the worse bit.


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