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Hey Howdy, just for you !!

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by 2hourglass, 16 July 2008 Social URL.

  1. 2hourglass

    2hourglass Well-Known Member

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  3. 2hourglass

    2hourglass Well-Known Member

    still can't add properly - how do I get rid of all the excess blurb ??
  4. howdy-doody

    howdy-doody Eloquent hooligan

    hahahahaha that's ace :D

    I say I say does your dog scratch coz he has fleas ? Not all at it's coz he is fly :cool::cool::cool:

    Woof-tastic :D
  5. nictastic

    nictastic Says it as it is!!!

    Hun all you need to do is use this bit .z9EXRuhU77E i highlighted them in red on your qoute
    LOVE IT!!! LOL
  6. I love their paws - they are so big and cute!!! :D lol
  7. 2hourglass

    2hourglass Well-Known Member

    O.k i'll try again with this one...

  8. 2hourglass

    2hourglass Well-Known Member

    for pity;s sake - how hard can this be... when I am copying from Youtube I have to pick up the whole address which is causing my initial problem, any advise -
  9. nictastic

    nictastic Says it as it is!!!

    Read the post on the thread how by kd .... i got it after she posted that!
    Dont use the imbedded thread code its the one off the tops search bar i use!
  10. 2hourglass

    2hourglass Well-Known Member

    One last try

    One last try before computer thru window !!
  11. howdy-doody

    howdy-doody Eloquent hooligan

  12. 2hourglass

    2hourglass Well-Known Member

    blahhhhhh it didn;t pick up the pasted, highlighted code and then I clicked on Youtube... not playing anymore....
  13. 2hourglass

    2hourglass Well-Known Member

    Smart arse:eek:
  14. nictastic

    nictastic Says it as it is!!!

    Hoowdy....how rude lol but very funny
  15. 2hourglass

    2hourglass Well-Known Member

  16. trimlee

    trimlee Love God; Love People

    Wow, thanks for that 2hr glass!
    Tight vocals there! Had to laugh out loud at the passengers trying at first to act like there was nothing going on, trying to study the newspaper as if life depended on it, trying not to exhale, trying so hard to keep those necks still and not look round, acting all prim and proper... ooooooh, human psychology is fascinating :D:eek::p!!
    But music, good music has this universal disarming effect, couldn't you just see those commuters warming up. In heaven it's gonna be some serious worship up there!!:)
  17. cuddlyfairy

    cuddlyfairy Well-Known Member

    Great clip, great song, really cheered me up!

    Thank you.


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