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Hey I'm new! need a little advice :)

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hey hun,

your allowed 105 syns per week, but the only way to work syns out is to get a book..

most will suggest that going and joining class, getting the pack and all the info and then not going back is much cheaper and easier if you with to 'go it alone'

or order the food directory 2009 off the internet, but will be super expensive outside of slimmingworld classes .. which lists everything and thier syn values by brand and supermarket, but can be difficult to understand the filing system if your not completely 100% understanding it all. . which is were just joining and letting the consultant fill u in and getting the starter pack does help.. usually £9.00 ish to start and get all the pack etc and first WI, then you can go alone if you wish. atleast ur properly set up then :)

You can set your target where ever u wish. my orignal goal was 5 stone loss, but im half a pound under 4 and half stone, and feel fine where i am now, so will call target next week i expect. you should aim for 1lb a week.. anything better is great, but 1lb will be steady, healthy and will soon add up! but if you do it all right and get sw savvy, youl be shifting a bit more than 1lb a week to begin with anyways. I shifted 3.5 lbs in my first week, and 1.5lb the week after.. if that helps and makes sence!

obviously you always have us to ask if your stuck on anything..

:) wish u the best of luck darlin xx


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Fabulous advice from St. Fern!

Firstly I will say give the Slimming World Advice for Newbies thread a read. It will hopefully answer lots of your questions about the plan.

* Read through the books (you really can't do the plan without a book) and anything you don't understand just ask, no question is too silly!
* Try and plan ahead best you can - especially important when going out etc.
* Don't weigh everyday - only at your official weigh in once a week
* Keep track of your measurements as well as weight, so if you have a bad couple of weeks, you can be reassured knowing you are losing inches as well as lbs. Take your measurements about once a month
* Make sure you use the plan to your full advantage, fill up on free foods, weigh your HE's properly and use all 15 syns a day - then when you are closer to taget you have something to cut back on if you are struggling.

I think at the front of the food optimising book, in massive letters there should be something along the lines of;

"Forget everything you have learnt about losing weight. Society has been feeding you misinformation all your life, possibly causing you to make unhealthy choices for years. Trust the plan and you will be rewarded."

The ideal, healthy weight loss range is 1-2lbs per week - which amounts to nearly 4-8 STONE a year! You didn't go to sleep the ideal weight for your height and wake up overweight, so it wont come off overnight either, you will have to work at losing weight, but it'll be worth it :)

One thing you have probably heard about losing weight that is true, is that the only way to lose weight is to take in less calories than you are using up. (Notice I said eating less calories - not eating less in general) Slimming World have done a very good job in coming up with the plan and helping you reduce your calorie intake without you really noticing, so trust the plan!

The most common comment people make about SW is "my friends can't believe how much weight I'm losing, they say things like 'how can you lose weight when you eat so much'" Or "I can't believe I'm losing weight you should see how much I eat!" It's about calorie density, as I've said before SW have done a really good job of working out free foods, healthy extras and syns so that you can eat and eat, but are actually taking in quite a few calories, it's not the quantity of what you're eating it's the quality. Think about it, say a choccy bar has 500 calories, this is quite small, where as 350g of pasta also contains 500 calories (An average bowl is 105g) but where you might need several choccy bars to fill you up, you might only need 1 or 2 bowls of pasta :)

Please please please, use your syns as this helps make sure you have enough calories. Some great suggestions on how to do this, I'm not a fan of the name syn as it implies they are only for naughty things, like wine, choccy, crisps. A syn value is given to everything that isn't a free food. A HEx is about 6 syns if you want to have extras.

One final thing, please don't think being really good, or doing the plan 100% means having minimal amount of syns and no healthy extras - this can be just as bad as having too many. Being good/doing the plan 100% is filling up on free foods, have 2-4 HEx's (depending on the plan) and 15syns per day (unless your consultant says different)

Hope this helps hun,

Natt xxx


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I can only echo everything that Fern and Natt have said (fabulous advice as always chaps!) It really would be worth going to at least 1 class and getting all the gear, just think £9/10 isn't much to invest in your future.

Miss Q

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Good luck Coreen. I started SW a fortnight ago after reading about EE in a magazine and then having a browse on this forum and reading all the amazing stories and seeing how encouraging and supportive everyone is on here.

Echoing what Natt said, you may feel you are eating too much to start with and that you won't lose weight scoffing pasta. I was so cynical when I first started, and two weeks later I have lost 6 pounds - dare I say it - effortlessly.

In regard to how much weight to lose each week, it really will vary from person to person. I'm also a skint student so dont go to class, but I have invested in the books and they are invaluable. Make sure you get the up to date ones.

Good luck with SW, and please pop on the forum to keep inspired

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