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hi everyone,merry christmas.

hey everyone,hope you are all okay :)
im sarah im 19 from birmingham and im starting exante on the 2nd of january,but for a few days now iv been looking through all of your posts,as i already know what a great site this is.and i wanted to mentally prepare myself for the diet first.
iv never tried a complete meal replacement diet,previously iv tried atkins(quite a few times actually),and i think its a great diet,it just doesnt agree with me,i completely lose my appetite and feel sick and weak constantly,iv never been a big meat eater though :/ and weight watchers is another great diet that iv put my heart in to,and iv gone from 14st4 to 12st5ish,but im at the stage now where im bored with it,and the last 2stone wont budge :'( :( so im hoping exante will help me :) and of course all you lovely people too :)

i wanted to ask a few questions.........

1.because i dont have a huge amount to lose would this diet be okay to use to lose the last 2 stone and then will i be able to start eating normally?(when i say normally i mean healthy normal,lots of lean meat and veg etc)

2.how long does it take you guys to stop feeling like your starving???

3.are we allowed diet drinks on this diet, pepsi max or diet coke??

thanks guys i wish you all the best n hope to talk to you all lots!!! :D xxxxx
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I will never give up
Hi and welcome to exante i would say once you reach your target you should do working solutions which is add one meal for a week or 2 just to get your body used to eating again then you can go back to eating healthily.
With regards to not feeling starving it usually takes 3 or 4 days to get in to ketosis which is when the hunger dies down so keep drinking lots of water i also recommend having a couple of cups of bouillon hot drinks a day especially in this weather and it helps with the water intake. Im not sure about diet drinks as i dont have them but it rings a bell that you can have diet coke. I wish you all the luck and hope to see you around soon.


I will never give up
well done starlight sorry for the false info blame it on the memory.lol.
thankyou for the advice !
im really happy that you can drink coke zero,just wondering,do you no if its the aspartame i have to stay away from in the diet coke? do you no anyone on this diet that drinks a lot of coke zero and still loses lots of weight,as not drinking coke zero will be tough for me ! thanks again,how long have you guys been on the diet for?how are you finding it?xxxx


I will never give up
no its not the aspartame as you can add sweetners i think its the citric acid that takes you out of ketosis.
Yes, Coke Zero is fine as they use malic acid in it, so you will be able to have some Coke Zero and still stay in ketosis. Diet Coke and most other soft drinks use citric acid which may knock you out of ketosis, depending how sensitive you are to it and how much you have.
thanks for that,its good to know these things as with atkins it was the aspartame you had to be carefull of,if i was to have 3 meal replacements and lots of water ,realistically how long should it take me to lose 2 stone?i know i may be boring you but id love to know as i never stick to anything but this time im determined,jan 29th is my friends birthday,and the theme is burlesque ,so i imagine i wont be wearing very much,and being able to feel confident and not a big frump would make me so happy,is this diet the same as cambridge just slightly cheaper?xxxx
yay another brummie lol,how are you shanny?thanks for the reply,how long does the stuff usually take to come,im ordering it thursday! cant wait !! i hope im this motivated when i start hehe!X


I will never give up
you should lose a stone a month but the 1st month is a bit more and i lost 21lbs but as you dont have that much too lose id say the fist week youd lose 7-9 lbs then about 3lbs after. the key to more weight loss is water water water.


I will never give up
i like all the flavours except mushroom soup and tomato and basil. i have all the shakes hot and i add coffee to the banana, vanilla and strawberry, the bars are yummy but ive had to stop as i just want to eat them all at once.lol.

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