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Hi Forum

S: 16st6lb C: 14st7lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 31.8 Loss: 1st13lb(11.74%)
My name's Missy. I joined this site in the hopes of gaining inspiration and encouragement whilst I go through my Lipotrim diet which I started 01.08.11.
Today's my 27th birthday. And though it's not mission impossible? it's gonna be a big challenge for me to say no to a piece of cake. So fingers crossed I stick to the plan. I've been struggling too long with obesity and now I'm ready to do something about it.
If anyone would like to join me in my quest and become my support? just let me know. I'm real friendly and determined individual whose looking to lose 4 and a half stones by December 2011 :)

Thank you and well wishes to all!
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S: 179lb C: 158lb G: 130lb BMI: 25.5 Loss: 21lb(11.73%)
Hi Missy, Happy Birthday!:birthday:

Also welcome to the forums, you'll find many support here from us. I'm sure you'll do great today!
S: 16st6lb C: 14st7lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 31.8 Loss: 1st13lb(11.74%)
Thanks guys! Had an awesome day. Got some great presents which more than made up for the absence of b'day cake! lol Had my lipotrim as usual and now I've lost 9lbd in three days. Though I know I really shouldn't be checking every day. But I just can't believe how low the numbers on my scale are becoming. It's not easy, but I'm getting there with much help and encouragement ^L^


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S: 179lb C: 158lb G: 130lb BMI: 25.5 Loss: 21lb(11.73%)
Wow that's really great Missy! Congratulations on your weightloss!

Don't worry I weigh myself every morning, it's a habit I have.
S: 16st6lb C: 14st7lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 31.8 Loss: 1st13lb(11.74%)
Thank you!

lol My mum says I really shouldn't keep weighing myself, but it really does make me feel that the hardwork is paying off as it should.
How's your diet coming along?


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S: 179lb C: 158lb G: 130lb BMI: 25.5 Loss: 21lb(11.73%)
I agree, I like weighing myself. I want to see every .2 of a pound go away :) It makes me feel like "YIPPIE!" and gives me a extra boost of happiness for the day:)

My diet's coming along well. I don't offically count my weightloss until Tuesday, but today it went down .8 lbs. Hopefully it stays that way and doesn't jump up and down like it did when I was doing low carb. The scale would jump up and down everyday like up to a half a pound up and down.

You should start a diary to keep yourself motivated and in check for the diet :) Also it's a great way to share your story with us :)
S: 16st6lb C: 14st7lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 31.8 Loss: 1st13lb(11.74%)
That's exactly right. Dropping the weight is the whole reason I'm saying no to all my favorite treats, like ice cream. Yesterday I passed a Haagen Daz shop and I was like, Noooooo!!! But today on the scales? I was like, Yeeaaaa baaaby!

So what's this diet your on all about? Sounds exoctic (can't spell!) :D I'd get confused if my weight kept going up and down like a rollercoaster. There's only one direction I wanna see and that's down. I own a digital scales which seems accurate enough and if not? I still get weighed at my local pharmacy anyway which I think is on Saturday.
But yea. Soon as I figure out how use this site I'll set up a half decent diary. If you have anymore suggestions, please keep em coming. And good luck on Tuesday! Hope you get a great weigh in :)


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S: 179lb C: 158lb G: 130lb BMI: 25.5 Loss: 21lb(11.73%)
Congratulations on saying no to Haagen Daz, that's not an easy thing to do. But it's great that you saw results on the scale:) I agree with you about only direction I wanna see the scale do is down. I have a digital scale too, so it was nerve recking seeing it go down oneday, then up the next.

Today at the store I saw Danish cookies in a tin. I love those things, I don't see them here that often, just like Walker's shortbread. But I didn't buy the cookies since I'm on my diet, but boy did I stare at them for 30 seconds longer than anything else at the store >_<

The diet I used to do until last week Wednesday was LCHF (Low Carb High Fat), it's a Swedish version of Atkins and low carb diet. As of last week Thursday I changed diets to GI/GL diet. It suits my lifestyle and needs better.

I'm more of a vegetable and fruits girl. I love my carbs alot too. So doing only 20g of carbs a day really restricted my veggie intake, and no fruits at all. I also ended up getting rash/hives all over my body, I think it was from consuming too much dairy and saturated fats. The diet worked great, I lost 9.2lbs in 4 weeks. But it wasn't for me to do for the rest of my life.

But with GI/GL it doesn't feel like I'm on a diet at all. The types of food I can eat is nice, and I don't get any sweet cravings since I eat fruits all day long. Also I'm allowed to take a piece or two of dark chocolate here and there. So I can't complain.

Have you gone into the Lipotrim section of the forums?
S: 16st6lb C: 14st7lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 31.8 Loss: 1st13lb(11.74%)
lol! That's what I do! I'll stare at a tub of frost covered Cornish ice cream in the freezer at my local supermarket whilst shopping for other things. It's crazy, but I just shake my head and walk on to the self checkout.
Right now I don't feel any cravings cos I'm in a thing called the Ketone phase where my liver stops producing....glycerol? and starts to break down the fat.
I'd love to be on a diet where I just eat a balanced meal, but I really need to drop this weight in time for my brother's wedding the first week of next month. I'm actually really anxious cos it's abroad and I don't know if I could stick to it and not binge on the day of his wedding. And if I do? I'm scared I might make myself sick cos I'm still recovering from bulimia.
In any event. I used to nibble on 70% cocoa myself and for a long while it did stop me from eating milk chocolate. But I have a sweet tooth for ice cream. So I'd make milkshakes and smoothies. Yum!

I've joined the lipotrim group, but I was just introducing myself to everyone here. This site is so cool. Everyone's losing weight and looking sexy. Hope that'll be me by 2012!


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S: 179lb C: 158lb G: 130lb BMI: 25.5 Loss: 21lb(11.73%)
I was really bad when I did low carbs, because at the grocery store just the smell of the bread section would make me take in two extra breaths. At least with GI/GL I don't have that problem anymore of smelling bread or donuts, I can just walk by.

Yes the Ketone phase. Do you get the weird taste in your mouth and really strange breath? I did when I was low carbing, I called it dragon breath, and my guy absolutely hated it, hehehe.

I'm sure you'll lose a good amount of weight before his wedding. When you're ready to eat food again, and want to maintain or even lose a little weight you can always join us over on the GI/GL diet section. We eat healthly, lots of veggies and fruits is a most everyday for us, and of course some protein and some good carbs. And if you have a chocolate piece or sweet bread, it's ok just continue doing good the next time you eat. It doesn't feel like a diet at all for me.

Sorry to hear about that you had bulimia. I really think you should try GI/GL when you're ready to learn about eating good for life. For me I started looking into it because I was thinking after the low carb thing I needed to introduce carbs back into my life. But I didn't want to just blow up like a ballon when I change diets.

People are just wonderful here, and reading their success stories is a real motiviation boost. You know they're real people, who really did it, and not just some commercial thing. Also you can read about their struggles and journey of their weightloss.
S: 16st6lb C: 14st7lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 31.8 Loss: 1st13lb(11.74%)
I llllooove bread. I love the smell, the taste and the texture of a good crusty bread baguette or a Jamaican hard dough bread with melted cheese, pepperoni, Italian salami, chorizo with iceberg lettuce, cucumber and tomato. And that's why I'm here lol I just love carbs, but carbs don't love me :( Two weeks before I came on the lipotrim, I basically did live on grapes, oranges, nectarine, banana, strawberries as well as broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, new potatoes, split peas (which I love) chicken and fish. But then. I dunno. I just get this feeling in my body which made me think I was missing something. Like sugar and I'd become so irritable. My feet would keep rubbing up my leg and I'd twist and turn, pace up and down....because I was fighting the urge to go to my local store and buy a liter of ice cream. The more I tried to convince myself that I didn't need it? The stronger the urge became. Before I knew it? I was sat down with a freezing cold bowl of vanilla ice cream feeling pretty good about things and telling myself that I could throw it all up and I wouldn't gain the calories. But then my teeth started to erode and chip off and I was like what the hell? lol So, anyway. Just have to nip that in the bud before it really gets out of hand. I thought I could control the urge to purge, but only when I ate healthly.
After some time of losing the weight, I will be moving onto the maintenance stage of lipotrim which will be about a change of lifestyle. I am getting a bit if the dragon breath unfortunately lol but I always carry a small bottle of Listerine mouthwash with me. Bad breath is a definite no-no in my book.

Whoops! I better get ready to visit my doctor :D You have a nice day Cal. Hopefully we'll catch up again soon! By-e :)


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S: 179lb C: 158lb G: 130lb BMI: 25.5 Loss: 21lb(11.73%)
I love breads too. At least with GI/GL I can eat good for me breads made from rye, oats, full grains and seeds. I'm going to try out an oatmeal scone recipe that my GI/GL mentor on here showed me.

Ohh nooo the teeth began to erode, it sounds scarey. Is your teeth better now? I dislike going to the dentist, so I try to keep my teeth in top shape. I would try to brush my teeth as often as possible when I doing low carb. I felt like I was going to kill everything around me with just my own breath.

I love to eat and I love sweets, but I've never binged before. I gained weight over two years ago when I started having some health issues and was stuck in bed most of the time. I guess being non-active and in bed, no matter what I didn't eat it just stuck to my bum. I would have accepted my weight gain better if I was eating alot, but the fact that I would try to restrict my eating because I was in bed alot, made me depressed that the weight kept packing on. I was eating less than my normal weight friends, and they were all shocked to see how little I ate. They all thought I was eating alot, but I'd only be able to clear half a plate when we ate out, or I would take small portion when we ate at home.

How did your doctor's visit go today? I hope it went well :) Look forward to reading about your update!
S: 16st6lb C: 14st7lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 31.8 Loss: 1st13lb(11.74%)
LOL! Kill everything around you with bad breath you know! Suddenly I just had a flashing image of that woman in Elektra starring Jennifer Garner. The woman was so toxic everything around her gave up the ghost as she walked by loool Today I came across a mint spray so there will be noooo bad breath on my watch!
Unfortunately teeth don't grow back once they're adult. My molars are really bad but at least they don't have the apple core look. That wouldve been too embarrasing. My dentist has the softest, gentliest hands so I don't mind going to him. He prescribed me a special Colgate toothepaste to protect my enamel from acid erosion when I purge. Because I don't do it 3-4 times a day I'm quite lucky to still have something which resemble teeth. haha

My theory for why I think you gained weight is because when we eat, it's for energy and if that energy (however small) isn't used up? Then it gets stored as fat. But then again you could say that each of us just react differently to food sometimes.
But when people are sick like you were? normally the would come out of bed looking like a corpse. So that is most perculiar.

Doctor says I'm fit as a fiddle. All my tests have come back clear. Which again is strange because doesn't fat lead to many health complications? Not that I'm asking for it! haha I'm just really grateful that my womb and all the things in it are squicky clean and looking goooood!


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S: 179lb C: 158lb G: 130lb BMI: 25.5 Loss: 21lb(11.73%)
I haven't seen the movie Electra, but I can imagine that lady you described sounded like me when I had the dragon breath, hehehe.

Too bad adult teeth don't grow back, I'd love a new set of pearlies myself. That's good that your teeth doesn't look like apple cores, then I would really recommend dentist :)

I agree with you about the theory on my weight gain. I wasn't burning enough calories in a day for how much I was consuming. Laying in bed doesn't burn alot of calories. I wasn't deathly ill, I was able to eat and get out of bed. But I'd get alot of pain soon, and go lay back in bed.

That's great that your doctor's visit went well. It's always nice to know that your health is still with you :) I remember thinking that with the weight gain I'd be completely bad on the inside too. I know I was physically weak from being in bed alot, and the weight gain. But my blood pressure was low and healthy. I almost didn't believe my ears, like are you sure!?!
S: 16st6lb C: 14st7lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 31.8 Loss: 1st13lb(11.74%)
I think deathly ill people lose weight quick because they're always using the toilet. Like my uncle who died from cancer. He was a massive fella and in just two months he was a skinny as a rail. We couldn't believe it. But there you go.
It's so important to look after all aspects of your body, not just the fat under the skin but on the internal organs and arteries. Being human isn't easy lol

So apart from health and looking great. What do you hope to gain once you finally reach your target?


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S: 179lb C: 158lb G: 130lb BMI: 25.5 Loss: 21lb(11.73%)
Sorry to hear about your uncle :(


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S: 179lb C: 158lb G: 130lb BMI: 25.5 Loss: 21lb(11.73%)
What do I hope to gain once I reach my goal weight??? Hmmm, good question. Of course like you said the health and looking better. Having my old bikini body back, and wearing all the clothes in my wardrobe that I can't fit in atm. I want to be me again :)

I plan to still eat healthy and GI/GL. I like the fact of eating alot of veggies and fruits, and the healthy grains are really a plus. It makes me think how was I able to eat all the c**p before. I want to make healthy versions of the old stuff I used to eat. You know like a healthy whole grain cookie verses the typical refined sugar and flour cookie. :)

What do you hope to gain when you reach your goal weight?
S: 16st6lb C: 14st7lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 31.8 Loss: 1st13lb(11.74%)
It's ok. He died a very long time ago so I've had time to grieve but now his older brother (my uncle) has lung cancer and it's spread too much to treat. That's just life unfortunately. We all can't be invisible :)

That's really good. Wholegrain instead of no grain lol
It's very easy to slip into eating junk food. For me I found that it was convenient, cheap when I only had a few pennies in my purse and enjoyable. I did make small changes such as eating seeded brown bread and avoiding cheese and butter. Sometimes buying yoghurt instead of ice cream helped keep the pounds at bay. I've never shyed away from fruit n veg because I do enjoy eating them. It was just the preparation of cutting and cleaning everything. So instead I'd have a snack until I felt full. But then the veg would expire or the nectarine and oranges would start getting mouldy because I left it in the fruit bowl too long for it to ripe at home. Because I like my fruit to be sweet you see. So with my diet? I don't have to concern myself with too much preparations or throwing food out because it's gone off. I just add water and it's done :D

Like you, I too have some nice clothes I long to get back into. But I had to donate bags full because they were either becoming too young for me or out of trend. So I've only kept the classic looks like trousers, little black dress and what not.

What I miss the most about being slim is my self confidence. Before I lost the weight the first time, I used to get a load of negative comments from my grandmothers and snide comments too like, "Are you sure you should eat that?" Plus, I've had people point at me to show their friend to look at me, I've had older men call me fatty in the past. So once I did drop all the weight through starvation, purging, excessive exercise and living off cornflakes, fruit and water? I went from a size 18/20 to a 10. I was confident, about my appearance. I never worried about my clothes not looking good on me. I had boys chasing me down the street, whistles at college. I had tons of compliments, but still I was so shy and embarrassed. I never became snobish. But suddenly my best friends became jealous because they no longer were the center of attention whenever we went out. I was working and studying. My grandmothers showed me more love and affection that ever before. But soon as I piled it all back on, nobody wanted to know me. Day by day I just kept pulling away from people. I stopped going out even to the shops. If I had to it was only when less people were around.

But, anyway. Reaching my goal weight will give me new life. It will make me want to meet people, find love again and begin a career. And that's why I won't be giving up any time soon because this diet is good for me and it's already given me such a great result and I can't argue with that! hahaha


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S: 179lb C: 158lb G: 130lb BMI: 25.5 Loss: 21lb(11.73%)
Ohh no, sorry to hear about your other uncle. :(

I saw a documentary last night called Food Inc, you can youtube it. In America things like corn and soy are subsidized by the government to make them cheap. So all the junkfoods which have corn and high fructose corn syrup are cheaper than other foods. Back in my starving poor college student days, my classmates and I were able to eat much cheaper at fast food joints that had $1 menu. I knew many who basically survived on it. I tried my hardest to eat real foods and cook. I made up my own dish back then, because it was the cheapest healthiest thing I could get my hands on, it was bean sprouts, onion and tofu stir fry. Costed me less than $3 to make and was able to eat it 3 times from one time cooking. I ate a lot of tofu and rice in those days, and I was really skinny.

I was really bad recently with letting fruit go to waste too, I'd also wait for them to ripe, but then they all riped at once, and I couldn't eat them fast enough so half would rot. But now it's different since I don't eat any sweets, and I have to eat fruits everyday.

I too was surpraised at how people treat you just because you're skinny or fat. Not to sound stuck up or anything, but I was skinny to normal weight all my life, and had people being nice to me and giving me compliments, holding the doors open for me, guys flirting, I thought it was normal. But as soon as I balloned, doors would shut in my face, people weren't as friendly to me, I'm basically invisible or people look at me strange, or say unpleasant things about me to my face. I've had people say "Omg you're so fat now!" My own aunt when I was in the car with her (she's got those tiny little cars), she made a really mean comment but quietly to herself, but I heard it "Oh my poor little car, she's too big for the little engine" I just ignored what she said. She also told me "My coworkers said were you pretty, but I told them you were much prettier before you got fat." My aunt never said anything rude to me before when I was skinny. Or my grandfather inlaw said "oh have her do it, she's big and have really big arms," this was to lift something really heavy even for a guy. Mind you there were three guys sitting at the table who are much stronger than me. I replied "my arms are fat, it's not muscles!" After that comment from him, I don't like him so much now. Or friends who thought I gained weight from eating alot, would say "Aren't you going to eat more than that?" because I couldn't eat as much as them. Or when my place was choosen to hold a get together with friends, we kept the snacks and food here, one of my friend said "You sure you won't be tempted to eat all this before Monday?" I said "look in my cupboards it's full of stuff, and you don't see me eating it all do you?" It makes me want to say "Yes people I know I'm not skinny, but do you really have to point the obvious to me??? Do I point out how bald you are, how rude you are, how stupid you are???" It feels like with the weight people think somehow you are a different person than who you were before. Just because the body changes, our personalities are still the same. But I guess being fat or overweight gives other people the right to just be downright idiots to us.

I know you'll reach your goal weight. I'm glad that you're feeling better already :) Keep up the good work!

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