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Morning All, I need a little help and perhaps a kick in the butt, I joined sw last May, and have stutted and stumbled along not really loosing anything, if I was at my goal weight I'd be a champion maintainer, I just cannot seem to get my head around the diet, I no longer drink much milk, no alcohol, I plan my meals around the MANY SW recipe books I've bought, I feel dense that I just cannot seem to shift the weight when I read so many fantastic stories of Ladies shifting many stones, I want to be that Woman, I have in the past done Lighter life which was a roaring success until I had my little darling, I cannot begin to say how tempted I am to go back to it... Any tips or help will be oh so appreciated...
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Have you thought of joining the classes? Or even become an online member? I have tried many times to do it on my own but i find with going to classes it gives me that extra incentive as i have to try even harder as i have to have a loss.. i hope you find somethong that works for you and i wish you all the luck with your journey. Kelly. :)


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LL works, as does SW. I wonder whether the reason why LL might have worked better for you (and why you're tempted by it again) is because it's a very straightforward diet - you eat what you're told when you're told and you lose weight. SW has more freedom, and therefore replicates real life much more.

If LL is the way for you - go for it. But bear in mind that if you're someone if gains easily after diets (as I am!), then I wonder if getting to grips with SW might be more sustainable - it's much easier to maintain using SW principles than following LL! Also, there's obvious downfalls in LL of cost and pain in the first week!

Good luck whatever you do, I feel your pain having lost the same 3-4 stone several times over on a variety of diets! Hope it works out this time.