1july to end of the year to lose what i need to be me again


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Hi everyone
Just a quick message.
Starting my weightloss journey on the 1st July. I'm posting now to get my head around it!
I've a lot of lipotrim to use up so will be combing that and one meal a day plus fruit and yogurt if Ifeel I need it.
If youd like to come say hi, that would be lovely.
Hi & good luck. I’m planning on restarting same time as you if things go to plan. I’ve quite a few Slim & save packs to use up so will give it another go.
Hi @tobehappyme great to see you focussed on a start. It seems pretty quiet around here again but I'm here every day rambling along to myself so pop over to say hello. Best of luck.
Didn't happen, again! Just can't get my head in gear lol