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ProPoints Hi im new to the ww forum


I have been away from weight watchers for a month and have tried a couple of weeks on the exanti but sadly i was unwell on it...so i find myself looking forward to eating real food and starting pro points and weight watchers again from tomorrow:)
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Hi V how you doing today ? am envious that you are going to be eating real food again lol lol lol good luck sweetie and yes of course you are still a member of the team:D lots of love and stuff xx
How is the 1st day going ...is the Pro Points thing easy to get your head around or do you end up spending so much time working out the points that you don't get to eat at all lol lol lol lol xxx

Goodluck Hun! Come on here for lots of support and inspiration really helps!
Hope it works for you xx

Thankyou very much for your welcome and i will be on here after support, im sad ive left the exanti forum but looking forward to eating again :)
aww you came to see me xx

Hi V how you doing today ? am envious that you are going to be eating real food again lol lol lol good luck sweetie and yes of course you are still a member of the team:D lots of love and stuff xx
Hi sweetie

ive just been over to your diaryx its sooo lovely of you to come and visit me i really appreciate it xx and thank you for letting me stay part of the team x

well ive done my first day and been to ww this morning all seems to be going well but i miss you all :eek:

Food is good to have though i have to say:)
Day one food diary

breakfast: toast and jam and a banana

lunch: chicken tikka and a ww choc bar

tea: egg salad and 2 choc bites ;)

eve: hot choc with c/o lights crisp:p

skimmed milk and an apple

loving i can eat chocolate :)
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day two diary

Hi fellow shrinking peeps ;)

well ive woken up in a great mood ...cycled charlotte to school and have a day off work to study..Im on my last essay after four years at uni... cant wait to be finished :)

Its a lovely sunny morning down here in hampshire and im looking forward to the day aheadxx I hope everyone else has a sunshine feeling in their heart today too:)

Tea..nimble toast, philli light and bovril

snacks: ww rich toffee bar
wow you sound like a totally different person this morning ...........how fab that it is all going well and cycling is involved ...its all good !! Have a good day hon xxxxxxxxxxxxx
good morning good morning ...........how are you doing ? good day yesterday? what plans for the weekend? whatever they are have a good one ....big hugs xxxxxxxxxxx
Good morning :) hope your having a good weekend?
I notice u said you live in hampshire, where abouts?
How have you been food wise? When do you weigh in? xx
been a bit naughty this weekend!!

thank goodness for weekly points because ive pushed them to the limit lol

well i hope you have all had a good weekend...I have been busy getting my bike up together with the hope of riding more often rather than taking the car :)

My weigh in day is Thursday...how about you ??

Happy...I live in Totton just outside southampton towards the new forest:)


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Well done on making the right decision for you!! Good luck for your WI on thursday and remember - don't be a stranger!!

WW is a fantastic plan and I'm sure you'll do really well on it

Hey toots

lovely to hear from you hunx

Why is your ticker back to zero are you ok? keep going hun you are doing soo wellxx

hugs and positive vibesx
well monday has gone ok but im totally premenstrual and eating like a horse if i dont put on weight this week it will be a miracle.

never mind im in this for the long haul...hope your all ok

take care x

Helloooooooooooooo i just found you hunny..

Just went into your profile and did a search for all your thread.. and BOOM it came here lol..

How are you lovely? is WW going well for you?

The food choices on WW is amazing ...

so excited i found you :D

will bookmark this now..

love n hugs x x
hooray so glad to hear from you xx

Ive just been on your diary...lol spooky... Im thrilled your doing so well as i said on your diary im so very proud of you...fly the flag for us hun and make your goalxx

Im doing ok on ww but i only ever lose 1lb a week but as i said in an earlier post im in this for the long haul this time and 1lb a week is 4 stone over a year so ....onwards and downwardsxxx

sending lots of love and hugs x
really proud of myself :)

Just been out for a meal and only used 14 pts

large glass red wine
olives appetizer
chicken and pancetta salad with italian dressing

Hey lovely ..

How are you chick? Your food diary for yesterday sounds delish are u enjoying ww? Well done so far sounds like it's working really well :D .. Have a fabulous mothers day tomm and font forget to relax ;) we are out all day which means my fave eating out lol ;)... Ive planned a day off tomm so really excited :D

Have. Fabulous weekend

Love n hugs x x :D


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Hey, if I'd lost 1lb per week since I started dieting I'd be..........................well, lighter than air to be honest ;)

I admire anyone who can lose weight this way - patience and dedication are not 2 of my strengths :eek:

Well done on making sensible choices whilst eating out

Take care and keep strong


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