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Hi, new to the site and just started LT


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Hello everyone

i've been lurking around the site for a few days now and spent most of that time looking at all the incredible before and after pictures. i can honestly say that's what motivated me to start LT yesterday, even though it was my birthday! Lol

In the past i tried once before but gave up after 12 days :( i'm hoping this time, with the extra support of this forum that i'll finally be able to crack it.

I have day 1 under my belt and am hoping today goes just as smoothly. I know this is going to get rough which is why i have the before and after thread bookmarked!

Anyway just wanted to say hi and hope to getting to know you all soon ^.^
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Hi Cookeh & welcome!! I can honestly say I wouldn't have lasted a week without this forum. You've done it before & know you're in for a rocky few days, but you will come through the other side. Have you anyone to support you in 'real life'? Friends & family can really help if they can see this is what you want to do? If they're not so supportive (like mine were!) then this is the place to stay!
Have you got much to lose? (If you don't mind me asking?)
Hey and welcome xx and happy belated birthday..
If you need anything just ask away :) :) the 1st week is always the hardest as your goal seems so far away, but it seriously does fly by xx


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Thanks Irish! Sadly i have no support in real life which is probably part of the reason i gave up so soon last time. I have about 100lbs to lose to get to the weight i remember being most happy at, and that was a long time ago! Looking at the weigh in results from other members it seems a stone every 3-4 weeks is fairly standard and, lets face it, we all like instant results which LT does seem to deliver, it's the ongoing willpower i have trouble with, especially if i'm craving or just plain hungry.

I keep reminding myself why i'm doing this, i have zero self esteem and my weight is holding me back and has done almost all my life. Recently i won the battle with cancer and i just think it's about time i stopped making excuses, shed the weight and live the life i've been wanting for years but felt unable to, if that makes sense?

I admit i'm scared of failing again but this community seems so friendly and inspirational i'm hoping it just might make the difference for me this time.
Hi and welcome to the forum. use it well there is plenty of advice tips and support from everyone on here and there is always someone available for a chat when your struggling!! my main tip is to get the water down you and to try and stay busy the weeks will soon fly buy!! good luck for your first week:)


Otherwise known as Jools
Welcome and I am sure that you will do well this time. Come on here as often as you can for inspiration, advice or just a general moan. We all know what you are going through so can truly understand. Once you get over the first week or so it will be a breeze. Yes you will still get cravings and urges for particular foods, but you just have to remember why you started this in the first place. The results do come very quickly and you will be surprised at how quickly the time goes by. You will be excited as your first weigh in approaches, and when you have a fantastic loss it spurs you on for the next week and you cannot wait for the next weigh in, and the next one, and the next one etc.

Welcome once again and before you know it you will be at goal :D :D :D
hey hun! welcome and good luck!!

if will power is the problem, you need a million different ways of distracting yourself - get cleaning, buy a puzzle, treat yourself to lovely lovely pampering products and my advice right NOW while you're at the beginning, measure yourself and write it down, take a picture of yourself and write a list of the reasons you are doing this and put it in your kitchen. every time you want something - read the list.

spend as much time on here as you can coz it really boosts you xxx


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Thank you everyone for your supportive replies. I have done the (most horrible -.- ) before photo, measured myself (that was painful too) and written everything down. I feel psyched up and raring to go at the moment but I know soon the withdrawal headaches and lethargy will set in and no doubt I will be back here whinging about it hehe

You are all an inspiration, when I did LT the last time I didn't have support online or elsewhere and it's so hard. Now it seems LT has become more commonplace in the UK and here you all are!!

Being at the start of my journey it's hard to comprehend just how you have all stuck to the plan so rigidly for such a long time, but seeing the evidence of the results of that in your signatures and "after" photo's will hopefully keep me going.

Good luck everyone and thanks for making me feel so welcome!


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Hey! Welcome to the best diet and best forum on earth!!! :D

Bloody well done for starting and even more well done for starting on your birthday, theres an achievement right there :)

Measuring yourself is a great weight loss tracker too - as one week you might have a lower loss than others on the scales but you may have lost inches (weird how it works isnt it!) Also take lots of pictures. Take one after every stone you lose as its hard for us to see the lossess ourselves in the mirrors, but photos dont lie :D xxx


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That's good advice Summer, thanks, but I have to admit, since I moved house 18 months ago I refused to have a mirror in my house - that speaks volumes doesn't it? So yes! I will take photos every stone, thats a great idea and the side-by-sides can keep me going when it gets tough - I'll see that person I don't recognise and remind myself I don't want to be her anymore, as well as seeing the results of all my efforts ~.^


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Break down your target into smaller goals, and reward yourself every time you reach one. It might be something smallish like a new handbag or pair of shoes (or even a new nail polish or eyeshadow), then a 'biggie' when you lose say, 3 stone, like a new hairdo or facial? All little things that will help boost your confidence and keep you motivated.
I know the ability to be able to walk into ANY shop and know I could fit into something in it was one thing I couldn't wait to do!
Keep a journal of your journey if it helps, write down why you want to lose the weight, stick your photo's in it, write about your hopes & dreams, and read it when you're feeling wobbly- especially if you can't get online to us!
You've already won one battle- and now deserve to live the rest of your life in a body you're happy with. Good luck!


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You hit the nail on the head Irish with your comment about being able to walk into *any* store and buy something. I've been wearing the same jeans and t-shirts for who knows how long. I hate shopping, I live in my trainers, I don't own any dressy clothes or shoes, I'm basically a frump on legs haha I think thats why, when I see the before, during and after pictures of fellow slimmers it really inspires me. I look at the results you've all had and think "Yes, I want some of that!" Also, everyone looks so happy in their after picture, don't they, and no wonder!! I look so miserable in photos I rarely ever have them taken. In fact, taking them for a weightloss journal will be a struggle for me but I'm going to do it. If I can't face myself as I am I will never get to where I want to be.


A little of everything!
"Yes, I want some of that!" Also, everyone looks so happy in their after picture, don't they, and no wonder!! I look so miserable in photos I rarely ever have them taken. In fact, taking them for a weightloss journal will be a struggle for me but I'm going to do it. If I can't face myself as I am I will never get to where I want to be.
LOL! I commented on the 'smily' after pictures way back when I started first! I have to confess I was the same. My before pictures were usually forced upon me- there was none I willingly posed for. My after pics I'm standing in my 'red-carpet' pose- one foot forward, hands on hips like an eejit! PMSL!
You'll feel amazing posing for them though. Look at some of the 100lb-ers like Tanya, Sarah-Lou & Suzy- their before & afters are amazing!!


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haha, I can just imagine!! What a novelty actually *enjoying* having a photo taken, huh? Ah, I can't view photos yet, Im too new, I just saw the ones on the success thread. Can't wait to be able to take a peak at even more in people's profiles, I never tire of seeing the difference losing weight makes to people, when you can see it with your own eyes you can't help but think "If they can do it, I can do it too" and kudos to everyone who is brave enough to put their photos on display, Im hoping that one day I will finally be brave enough to sit for the camera then show my pictures off =D


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Okay- I hope this works? The B&W photo is me at 17 1/2st, my heaviest ever. The one of me sitting is 14 1/2st after my last baby (now 2!), and the one of me standing is in June at 11st. I'm currently 10 1/2st (depending on the day! LOL!)



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Wow Irish, you look fantastic, thank you so much for posting those pictures. You're start weight is about the same as mine and your goal is too, if I can look half as good as you when I get there I'll be happy!!


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Aww shucks! LOL! I felt sorry for you not being able to see the others weight loss- do a search of the threads for before & after pics- Tanyas (summergurl) in particular are amazing!

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Welcome to the forum. It is daunting when you start out but it is best to take it a day at a time. Set mini goals for yourself as it really helps. I have a lot to lose too but you really do not notice the weeks passing and you do notice the weight disappearing. Great stories and inspiration on here so check in often. Lots and lots of luck.
Hi welcome to the forum and lipotrim. i think wen it comes down to it the only support i have is this forum its not that my family arent with me on it but they dont understand. My biggest regret is not taking before pics and measuring myself and taking pics wit every stone ive lost so far so defo do it. it will help you tonnes.

I tink if you've beaten cancer you can definitely do this. Congrats hun! Yes its hard and you prob gave up last time were i thought it was the hardest but it gets much easier.

This forum is my best friend i dont know if i cud go one day without it. even if i dont post just reading everyone's thoughts helps me.

You will be fine and soon it will be 2 months from now and you wil be all settled in, it really does fly by.

Well done for starting on your bday i had mine over a week ago so i know wats its like only having shakes and water for it hahaha! Happy Birthday and I really hope you enjoy this journey coz damn its some journey.

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