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Hi newbie :) also cambridge to slimming world??

Hi everyone, this is my first post :D
iv been doing cambridge for 2 week (this time round) and normally i give up after week 3 so im hoping by coming on here itll keep me motivated.

my first week i lost 10lb and this week (WI tuesday morn) i only lost 1lb :cry: i know week 2 is normally lower but i was hoping for a 4.

so far ive been totally 100% (except for a marble size bite of a sausage yesterday - it smelt soooo good lol)

im hoping all you guys can help me get past 3 weeks - i did read on here last night that it takes 21 days to beat a habit so hopfully ill break that barrier :D

i do have a question if any of you lovely people can help, has anyone lost the bulk of their weight then moved on to slimming world to loose the last bit or maintain? how did you transition between the two? im hoping to loose another 15lb (bringing me to a total loss of 35lb with around another 20lb to loose)in the next 3/4 weeks then move on to slimming world but dont know how best to do it -my cdc and my friends slimming world consultant dont really know :(

thankyou :D
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hi and welcome to CD , you sound like you are doing great :)
I did CD then had a break as I started to struggle and lost aall my energy ( after 5 months on SS) and I also needed an operation and was getting married so I did SW for 6 months .... I didnt loose anything but i maintained well on it , I wasnt always 100 % so I am sure you could loose on it after CD .. however I decided to come back to CD to loose the last 3 stone .. annd am nearly there now ..

if you do decide to go onto SW I will say that you really should move up the CD steps first ( 810 , 1000 , 1200) as this reintroduces ccarbs and other food groups back very gradually and helps you metablism get going again .


this time - the last time
This is also my plan.

I am trying to decide when to move to SW. Originally I wanted to lose the last stone with SW, but actually I think that I need to stick with CD through the plans when I am 1stone off, so I continue to lose with CD before moving to SW more as a maintenance tool.

I don't want to go to SW with too much to lose, as I think I may get demoralised quickly after strong losses on CD. I don't want to make a decision that may mean I perceive SW as not working - which could lead me to eating anything.

I have battled with weight maintenance all my life, and I have accepted that I'll never be able to eat all I want - as I want too much!

I am happy that SW has worked for me in the past and I could stick to it, without feeling deprived for the rest of my life.

If anyone has any advice - it would be greatly received. I am not going through this plan ever again - so it is essential I do the last bit right.
Jayellekay .. that is a great plan you have :)
When I came off CD and started SW I had 3 stone left to loose ... the sudden jump from SS to SW which allows unlimited carbs wasnt good for me .. and I rememeber 3 months before crimbo the SW lady getting all excited and telling us we could loose a whole stone by christmas if we trying really really hard ... I didnt want to spend 3 months loosing a stone when I could do it in 3 weeks on CD !!

I am now on the 1000 plan and plan to go up to 1200 in the next week or 2 .. then I am going to use SW principals( although will not tell myself that any food is 'free' and will stick to red days / low GI ) to maintain forever :D

flab fighter

The fat is melting away!
This is my plan also and once at target with SW you dont have to pay weekly fee!


this time - the last time
flab fighter said:
This is my plan also and once at target with SW you dont have to pay weekly fee!
Hehe I know!

Do you know how much weight you have to lose with them in order to qualify for this?

I'm just not sure when I need to join.

flab fighter

The fat is melting away!
I probably agree with that 7lbs before your target with SW.


this time - the last time
Perfect. Was planning on joining one stone out - brilliant.

So just 3stone 8lb to go before I join! Hehehehe!

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