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Hi Newbie Here!


I’m newbie here so please be gentle with me...I found this website purely by chance as I’m trying to find out how WW works as I’m kinda unsure where to go from here…

I decided I was going to do this last week and ordered the eating out, shopping books and the journal and they arrived yesterday… I was going to try to go to a meeting but there isn’t one locally that fits into my work so I’m going to have to do this alone and reading the book last night I am kinda a bit lost as to where to go from here and how to start…. That’s why I was searching the Internet this morning for help and found this place!! :D

I’ve had a bit of a lurk and seen how supportive you all seem to be and I feel that this might be the place I need to come to help me achieve this!

My doctor told me last year that I was obese and he just sent me in floods of tears :cry:as I knew I was over weight but never considered myself obese, that scared me…

So I decided after the New Year I would do something about it… and here I am… I’m 5 foot 6 and weigh 15 stone 7lb, there that’s a first because I have never openly told anyone other than my OH my weight.

I hate clothes shopping with a passion because I have a weird shape, I have a narrow waist but carry a lot of weight on my hips and bum so whenever I shop for clothes I never find something that fits me right as I have to consider my rear end … I’d love for the day that I can wear a pair of Jeans that actually fitted me at the waist rather than gathered up!

I’ve had health issues too I’ve have plantar fasciitis which is basically the arch of my foot is swollen and in pain, it hurts to walk, first thing in the morning I couldn’t put my heel on the ground because of the pain… I’m having treatment on it, which is helping, but I just know if I lose weight it’s going to make a difference.

I’m tired a lot and I don’t have much confidence, I work in a posh building with lot’s of pretty young slim women walking around and I feel so out of place, kinda like I’m Ugly Betty if you have seen the TV program you’ll get what I mean!!

Wow reading this above makes me sound like a right miserable person…. I do have a few positives too, I am a good person with a kind heart and in my spare time I make cards, it’s a big passion of mine and I have a wonderful supportive OH so I can’t be that bad!!

So now I need to work out what my ideal weight is… not too sure what is ideal?! Going to start tomorrow as my first day tomorrow as I now know how many points I can have a day thanks to this site...

If there are any tips you could give me I would really appreciate it as this is quite scary doing it on your own!

Thanks for listening!!
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Hi pinky and welcome, hope eveything goes well for you on your journey!
Best of luck x


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Hi Pinky,

Welcome to Minimins, you are right, this IS the place that you need to be to acheive your weight loss goals, and its a good thing that you stumbled across us, that is how I found this site too :)
Honestly, WW is a really good diet, and it is remarkably easy to fit it into your lifestyle....I bet that you will really enjoy it....I am 5'6 and started at 15st 12lbs, so worse than you, and I am enjoying this diet a lot and am now a stone down from there...I don't go to a meeting either, just go it alone and with help from everyone on here and it is fine, I don't have any probs as a result of going to the meetings.
Anytime you need any advice, hints, tips or help, just post on here and someone will help you with the answer...
So, good luck, you'll be dropping the lbs before you know it and slinking on into those jeans in no time!! Well done!!

Hi pinky,im new here as well and just started ww last tues and have lost 2lb so far.
Im 5'2 and weigh 10stone 8.... doesnt sound to bad i know but being short it really shows.
I have joined a club as i think i need the motivation at the moment but it is dear at £5.50 a time.
Anyway good luck and just take it a day at a time,if you fall off the wagon just get straight back on,thats my motto ... lol

Nicole x


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Hi Pinky & Welcome now you have found this site the'll be no looking back for you it'll be full steam ahead and im sure your no ugly betty though no one is best of luck .
Nicnak pay 10 euro a week its a bit much i think!
was thinkin about buyin a ww scales and doin it myself at home
Iv been to meeting before ya see! Ah im gonna keep going to them always come out feelin motivated dont ya and always pick up something new in ther too!


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Welcome pinky xxx


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Hi Pinky,

Welcome, welcome, welcome!!!!!!

Well done on taking the first step! Im sure you'll do brilliant.

I could have written your first post myself, its so funny, I have found myself saying that to so many people recently - it just goes to show how much we all can relate to each other, how much we really understand how it feels - thats why you can be gauranteed support here because we all perfectly understand how you feel xxx

I know exactly what you mean about clothes shopping - that was something that really used to upset me - OH would dread us going because it would always, always end up with tears - I could never buy what I wanted, or what was currently in fashion - I was limited to basically what I could get to fit!!!!!

You should be so excited right now because as corny as it may sound, today is the start of a whole new you!! from this day on your going to be getting tinier and tinier!!! isnt that just so exciting? you have so much to look forward to - getting down into the next size, the size after that, the next stone... just imagine how your going to feel!!

about what your ideal weight should be? well, to be honest pinky, its a very personal decision, based on many factors - you could go with a weight you just like the sound of, a weight you were before and happy with or with the BMI index - this is what I originally went with, and this was more than likely what your doctor read from to describe you as obese, the thing with it though is there has been talks about abolishing it completely - its based on height but does not allow for the build of the person - and as you know you couldnt possibley give one weight for everyone -

Its entirely up to you pet. I have however worked out, according to your height and weight what you "should" be according the the BMI:

Underweight = <18.5
Normal weight = 18.5-24.9
Overweight = 25-29.9
Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater

So, if you weighed 10stone 7pounds you would have a BMI of 24.2 and as you can see from the grid above this would mean you were in the "normal" weight category.

Of course you absolutely do not have to go by this - it is ENTIRELY up to you but just wanted to give you some sort of guideline xx

The very best of luck!! x
Welcome to the WW gang :) Most of us on here are 'going it alone' so youre in good company. WW is THE best diet there is, and it totally works.

Id also recommend buying a points calculator theyre invaluable for working things out as not everything is in the books.

If you have anything you want to ask... ask away, were all in the same boat and anything we can do to help make it a bit easy for each other, well that has to be good

Look forward to hearing how youre getting on


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Hi Pinky and welcome to the forum ... as everyone has already said we are all here in the same boat so any questions ... fire away!

thank you NikkiH for taking the time with your long reply... really appreciate your ideas and help as to my goal weight... I think I'm going to aim for 10st 7 as a guide line but blimey that sounds a very long way off!! gulp!
Hi pinky :) thats the same goal weight as im settin my self!
wat height are you?
Week 2 will hav to be a loss or ill pull my hair out lol!
Im 5 7 the lowest i went before was 10 10 i thought i looked OK so wanna go the extra bit this time!
Plus i booked my hols today this time in 6 months ill be tarin it up in ibiza :D now that has got to make me shift these lbs

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