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my names cara i am 27, i just recently had my 6th baby and what better way to start the year than to loose some weight - basically i have been pregnant on and off for the last 10 years so not really had much chance to loose any baby weight, my latest addition is 4 weeks and 5 days old and i just feel ready to be loosing the baby weight now not planning anymore babies. i will be going it alone this time as we have no slimming world local to us and i think its really exspensive to join online i know i can do it... i mean look at all you i have to look upto lol anyways can't wait to get to know you all xx
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Well first of all your a brave lady for having 6 kids so SW will be a walk in the park for you! Welcome and good luck......remember we're all in the same shoes :)


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Hi congratulations on the arrival of baby, my first is due on 26th April, and since finding out im pregnant i have gone crazy food wise!!! Well no more, on track from today.

Good luck to you, and im sure you will get where you want to be x


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Congratulations on the birth of your baby, welcome to the forum and good luck with your weight loss.

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Hello and welcome xxx


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Hi There! Welcome to MM and SW! xx


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Welcome and congratulations on the birth of your sixth baby! You must be a wonder woman as I pull my hair out constantly with only three. xx


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lol.. 6 children!.. i am not worthy :) ... i am on the verge of a nervous breakown with 2!!! anyway, welcome :) I am pretty new here too, although am fairly familiar with SW ... dont hesitate to shout out if you need any help. Everyone seems to be a really helpful bunch on here ... its a home from home. .. there is a valentines day challange started up if you find that a bit of competitiveness helps motivate you at all... anyway.. good to have you here :)


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Hi Yummy mummy 2 b!

Im also expecting and am due 27th may 2010, ive been ok'd to follow the plan from my midwife as my bmi is high and i could do with watching what i put on during pregnancy...in a healthy way..you know what i mean! :) Ive added you to be my buddy if thats ok? Emma


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WOW!! You are superwoman! Or something. Welcome to SW, if you can cope with 6, you can sure cope with this!!! xxx


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Hello, and welcome :)


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Hey there,Congrats on the birth of bubba No. 6, I struggle just with my 2!!!!!! lol
I'm new too, so here's to a fabulous new us in 2010!!!!!!!!!:)


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Welcome to SW and this forum, Its great here. The good thing about SW is that the food is perfect for families so you can all eat the same things particularly if you follow the extra easy plan.
congratulations and good luck


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i just had baby number 4, 4 weeks ago and am going back to slimming world but i will admit im weak willed so i need to go to classes well done u for going it alone xx good luck xx


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Welcome to our happy band of SW followers. You will find friends and supports on this forum and you will only have to ask if you need help on I would say most subjects SW or not.

Good luck on your journey

Phil x