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i have only done slimming world before and i did really well there, lost 2.5 stone in 3 months but now the group is too far away so i'm trying my local ww.... going on thursday for the first time.
good luck with whatever you try
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Everybody is different hun. WW works for me, I can eat what I want, whatever day I want - Aslong as its in my points.

Typical day will involve breakfast with cereal and a banana. Lunch can be anything from a sandwhich with salad to chicken and veg. Then dinner with a pudding. I have snacks throughout the day, an apple and a bag of wotsits normally.

I am a huge chocoholic so I make sure I have a couple of points left behind for a hot choc and a curly whirly.

The points system takes a week or two to get round, but have your book to hand and finding out values is quite simple. WW is great for portion control, unlike other diets where you can eat certain foods all day everyday.

Hope that helps x
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I completely agree with yummymummy2b. I've tried slimming world & lost 2 stone, I loved the freedom of knowing that some foods I could eat as much as I liked & not have to weigh things. However I found that now my portion control is my downfall. I also tried the atkins lost a stone but so much cheese and cream isn't really my style.
Yesterday I started weight watchers and although I'm a bit baffled by the points thing, the net and writing things down seem to make it a bit easier to manage. I like knowing that I'm eating a sensible sized portion and I'm enjoying the thought that nothing is forbidden. It has also made me more enthusiastic about exercise as I feel as if I'm earning my treats through my activity points.
You need to find something that suits you and your lifestyle.
Good luck


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Hi Shelz, welcome to the ww section. I don't think it's about selling it to you, as the plan has to be right for you. I'm a fussy eater, I like unhealthy foods, and not many healthy ones. What I have found with WW is that I'm still eating the foods I like, but the portion sizes are different. I'm also now aware i can't just open a tin of chocolates and eat them. I'll have a fun size bar instead.
This is the route I am going to take. I am going to join a meeting and get some information. Hoping to start Monday morning. Is it advisable to try and follow it at home myself and perform my own weigh ins at the same time each week?


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S: 21st12lb C: 12st11lb G: 9st5lb BMI: 30.7 Loss: 9st1lb(41.5%)
It depends on how motivated you are. SOme people like the support of the group. I already have the books, and don't like going to the groups, and am self-motivated. Good luck
I have a little blue folder for the Discover Plan which I purchased from ebay. Is it always a little hard to begin with to get your head around the points system?

I think it is going to be extremely hard for me to eat the required number of points. I have been eating rather a lot of fruit and vegetables. My average day at the moment consists of a bowl of museli with hot water for breakfast with a coffee, three pieces of fruit for lunch and a small meal for tea - either spag bol or a cottage cheese sandwhich. I gym three times a week for half an hour and have a fairly active day. Many people think my weight has stalled because I am not eating enough.

What other books do I require with the little blue folder?