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Hi there i am new to all this,the reason why i am here is because of my husband,the doctor has told him to loose 3 stone which i will support him all the way. but i need help
to help him as i cook the evening meal and do the shopping.My husband is 6"1 and weighs 17stone. My only concern is that i do not want to loose weight as i am 5"7 and weigh 8 &1/2 stone. If i cook all diet food i am going loose more weight and dont have time to cook different meals for myself and children
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Hi Julie, how good are you coming on here to support your other half. Way beyond the call of duty!

As you sound very slim, I guess its not what you are eating as a family that is making him overweight, but maybe what he eats when you are not cooking it? Or maybe he's just eating too much.

You have not said what kind of diet he is following - if a structured plan or not - but usually kicking out the garbage and booze is enough to shed quite a bit.

LRO xx
hi, my friend has given us a slimming world book which we are working from,because he wont go to the classers, we are only on day 2 and not doing 2 bad so far. He will not give up the booze which he only has 3 pints once a week when he goes out. He has told me not to buy any crisps or choc , but i have it is hidden so me and the kids can have some
Sounds like you know what your doing. My OH ate 7 packets of hula hoops and 4 wagon wheels the other night and he weighs nothing, me on the other hand just have to smell food to put weight on. I guess we're all different.
Good luck
Hi and welcome. Unfortunately everybody's bodies are different and the same food can make one person overweight and the other slim. Can he up his exercise and what does he eat when he is not with you or at work? Perhaps he could keep a food diary for a week and see what he can change

Irene xx
Hi as from today we are going to do a food diary and both plan out what meals we are going to eat. He wont like me saying this but i think he could do more exercise, but there again he doesnt finish work till late,
Hi and welcome :) Maybe you could cook the same meals for you all but put lower fat alternatives in your husbands food and stick to the normal versions for you and kids? x


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Hi, nice to meet you.
I think hiding the treats from him is a good start. I sent my DH out last night to do the shop and he came back with a jumbo bag of crisps - because it was cheaper! I've tried explaining that I just can't leave them in the cupboard, I have to eat them, but he doesn't understand. Your hubby is lucky that you seem to.

Perhaps for the exercise thing you could plan some family days out at the weekend that involve walking or exercise - it doesn't feel like it so much then!:)
Hi i hope he doesnt find the treats because the last 2 days will be wasted, he trying so hard,i have noticed when you say diet and can not have something you want you want it even more.


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Hiya Julie, Its the opposite way round for me, my hubb doesn't need to lose weight and I do. I follow a Scottish slimmer plan and I just give him and my wee boy the same thing I have but adjust the portions to suit. Kinda daddy bear, mummy bear and baby bear sizes and they get far more goodies than I get lol. Best of luck to your hubby with his wieght loss.
Thanks for that i will have to try and make all his portions smaller hopefully he will not notice.does your hubby eat snacks infront of you?
Me and the kids wait until he goes out like now


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For me my weekly food diary is a must. I plan the whole week ahead, for myself and shop for it and add stuff for lunches and stuff for my wee boy and OH. It really keeps me on track and makes you more aware of whats going in. Dooes you hubby have a calorie intake that he is sticking to or eating healthily and cutting out the bad(but good sometimes) stuff?


This is for ME!
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Anytime Julie, had to go and get some stuff done for work there. Terrible for putting stuff like that off till the last minute. Hope the diary works well for hubb. Keep me posted on how its going. xx