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High on Lt ?

I am on day 8 of LT now. It is getting easier all the time.
A quick question - has anyone else expereinced a high when on LT? I feel like I am on cloud nine, annoyingly manic which is so not like me..? I'm not complaining, just want to know whether others have had this?
Off to annoy the OH now with some singing...:)
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Your doing well and should be proud so feel high on life you deserve to!
Hello Miss Unknown - yes very much to be recommended! Am feeling fantastic - I hope it lasts...i think oh is finding me annoying now, been dancing around all night. Only bad thing is calming down for sleep.
Oh yea my sleeping pattern is well and truly out the window....lol, well I defintely need to get on whatever level ya are on!! I could do with being on a high
yehhhhh i kno xactlyyy how u feel...im soo hyper n i cant stop talking..it so not like me either..but i guess its good...coz i got loadsa energy...n like everyone else on here i cant get to sleep either! lol
I know what you mean . Despite everyone telling me this must be unhealthy I always feel really well when doing LT although a bit cold. Keep at it hun amd good luck :)

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Positive and focused!
Yes I did, feeling in control and that I could and would lose weight. Well done!XX
I am feeling fantastic actually and yes in control of the weight loss that I can actually do this and I will be slimmer for the summer. I cant believe how a diet can make you feel this good, maybe its actually because we are not eating so much synthetic rubbish with mulitudes and e numbers and that we are actually detoxing...washing all the rubbish out with gallons of water.....exciting
i felt like this 2 days ago, then hit a wall of misery yesterday....lol. As i am on day 6 i am hoping the great feeling comes back!

I think if you are doing well, and amazing yourselves with your willpower you are going to feel good - cos people we have to be proud of ourselves :D


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I get it:p

Although it seems not everyone gets the ketosis high, but it helps if you do...

It is a soothing feeling of well-being.

Love Mini xxx
I am having an up day I have to say, keep with the purp you can do it!
oh that was a funny day yesterday...feel normal today, but wanna get the high back...it was nice :)

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