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Hiya... here goes my first thread!

Wow What a forum!

I found you all after googling recipes for diet currys :D

Wish me luck, ive been up and down weight wise for most of my life, but am very determined this time. Im at the heaviest ive ever been and my self confidence is at rock bottom. I will lose weight!

I guess my biggest problem is weighing myself too much and expected a drop in weight daily. In the past ive only stuck to harsh diets that make me loose the pounds quickly at the start and when it slows down on week 4, I then break it and go back to the coke / chocs / chrisps!

Thanks in advance for your support, I look forward to reading your success stories x
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Dont worry, ill be a lurker for a while too, there is a lot of info to take in!
My worst problem is carbs and shift work. I find im not eating properly during the day, starving by the start of work and grabbing all the wrong things to see me through the shift. Processed foods galore too!
The evenings are definitely the devils work lol, ill get into work at 5pm and have choc, crisps, coke etc, then take out (fish and chips / curry / thai) at 8ish with another coke. Prob yet another choc bar before going home and undoubtedly 3 slices of thick processed white bread toast at 1am before bed!...... surely as soon as I diet, it should fall off!

Atkins has worked in the past, but its not one that suits me for long. I love it for the first month and after that I just feel sick and crave fruit!

Swimming World seems to fit the most for me, you can have your Atkins days, but then also have the fruit and veg free, so its not just meat and a veg.

This time im going to adopt the prinsiples of SW, but add the thought of eating little and often, so 5 or 6 smaller meals a day. I think they call the later food optimising? so ill rotate the safe carbs / proteins within the boundries of SW.

And then of course...exersize

I horse ride already, but then also want to do some yoga / pilates for the core strength.

Oh gawd, I hope I can get this right this time, I need to last longer than a month!

What about you Sorcerer2066?
Thanks Bikerkitty, this is a very inspirational site!
Thats kind of how I feel about my horse at the moment! my weight plus a saddle is almost criminal really, well it is since I put on another stone nov/dec.

If you would like to ride again, why not make that a goal?
Your pilgrimage will certainly be a fantastic time of reflection of your accomplishments and a joy to remember for the rest of your life.

I adore Spain, most of the culture (not the bull fighting!) and there love for life (and food lol) in fact I just imported my horse from there 3 months ago and have spent a few weeks in the summer at different studs looking for him.Ive always found the people very warm and to offer great hospitality.

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