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Hmmm what to do?

Ok, I've been on Xenical since April last year, and have had fab results. But I know I cannot stay on it forever ( nor would I want to). Also the weight management classes that I attend monthly come to an end in May. I still have weight to lose, I still want support, and if I'm honest, I want more support than a monthly meeting with my Dr to get my prescription.
So my question/dilemma is this. Do I go to Weight Watchers, Slimming World, or A N Other? I've done Slimming World before, and had some success, Never kept it off though ( obviously :rolleyes: lol), but I also know that I am mentally in a better frame of mind than when ever I lost weight in the past. I have no intention whatsoever of going back to my old ways pre Xenical, but I don't know what to do either.
All opinions gratefully accepted :D
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Hi hunnie,

You have made such an amazing achievment with your weight loss so far :D

Personally, If it were me, I would start attending WW as it is the only other diet that has really worked for me - Though I think most of it was more down to exercise for me personally.

But as you have attended SW before, Maybe you would prefer that as you know what you`re doing (!)?

I think the support you get makes a hell of a lot of difference so it is important that you find that which would make a group a good idea. You also have to be comfortable within that group, So it may be a case of trial and error. Do any of the groups offer a trial first?
I was loosely following WW points on my own at home, So I don`t know how the groups work.

Good Luck with whatever you decide to do!!!!

Sorry if I wasn`t much help :sigh:

Love LiSe Xxxxx
You're loads of help Lise :) xx
Just been speaking to my mum and she said how about Rosemary Conely? Another one to consider lol :D


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I was going to suggest RC, never tried it myself but am impressed by the fact that they focus on exercise as well as diet.

Whatever you decide, good luck Ali :D

Thanks Jax :) I see my GP again in 2 weeks, so I've got plenty of time to think about it lol
The thing I'm liking about RC is that its a low fat diet ( 5% just like I'm doing just now), but also you're allowed oily fish :D I tell you, at the moment I'd slap my grannie for a nice bit of poached salmon or a piece of grilled fresh mackerel lol :D Plus like you said, RC also has the exercise class too....hmmm think I'm begining to lean more towards RC ....
I don`t know RC diet? But it is sounding very appealing!!

I really love Rainbow Trout <3 But I guess if I go on the Xenical it will be out :(

Could your Dr not give you any advice?

I'll be seeing my GP in a couple of weeks for my regular monthly Xenical appointment, so I'm going to talk to her then about.

I think Rainbow trout is ok, fat wise Lise. Its certainly a lot lower than say mackerel or herring hun :) I've found info that says its 5.4% fat, so you should be ok with it :)

found info here
Ooooh Ali! You have made my day with that!!! :D

I absolutely adore Rainbow Trout and like to have it with microwave Pilau Rice (I`m a lazy moo LOL) with salad for a healthy*ish lunch :D

Thanks again :D:D:D

I have just looked at the page you linked and was surprised to see little ones shouldn`t eat it so much!

Takara loves it too so always nicks half of it when I have it lol

I will just keep it to my treat on the days she is at preschool ;)

I have bookmarked it so I can look up other fish too - Thanks again!! x
If you feel you need the support than a group would be good for you but to be honest, Xenical wasn't just about you losing the weight, it was about changing your eating habits and changing you lifestyle round.

TBH, I think you should keep going for a while on your own with the tablets and attend your doctors for the monthly check up and see how it goes, otherwise you will spend the rest of your life at slimming clubs!
Thanks KayMarie, I know you're right about it not being just about losing the weight :) And that is something that I have done. I think maybe I'm just panicking about the weight management group coming to an end.
I think you're right that you're panicking but Ali, You certainly know what you're doing, you've come this far and achieved so much, I think you need to have more confidence in yourself.

I think you will be able to do it on your own. You're more than capable.
*hugs* Ali x

You will be ok, You have us ;) xXx
Hi hun,

I think you can ask to attend a meeting at a slimming club before deciding if you want to become a member. I know the lady that runs my W.W. meeting doesnt have a problem with that.
I get mine on a free referral from the GP aswell as the blueys.

Though, not sure if you would qualify for this now.
Congratulations on all your weight loss btw....an absolute inspiration!!;)

You might surprise yourself and not need the support but I can understand that after all your hard work it must be quite scary to feel you're going it alone.
might be an idea to chat with the team you have been meeting with to see what they think, would imagine they will be able to assess the situation well as they have seen you through so far and will know the change that has happened in you.

Whatever you decide, we're here to help you as you help so many of us!


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Hi Ali,

I can understand you panicking about the weight management coming to an end. I have tried the Rosemary Connelly diet and it was good, low fat food similar to Xenical and an exercise class so you can continue with your excellent progress. I stopped RC as the class leader moved and no-one took it over.

I've also done WW which I found quite restrictive in terms of portion size and was quite hungry. With SW, I too lost some weight although my frame of mind wasn't right to continue and I put it back on, and then some. With SW, you can learn to slowly introduce more food into your diet using the syns and healthy extras.

Whatever you decide - you'll make a success of it. Keep us informed xxx
Thanks Obsy. I'm kinda of swaying towards RC, my mum and my sister have found a new class, and its on a day that really suits me. Don't see my Dr till a week on Monday, so 'm going to talk it over with her, see what she thinks too :)


is starting to disappear!
Aye, plus it helps I think when you have people there with you. You've done so well so far, just hope I can do the same xxx

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