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Restart 3/9/2013


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hunni, you can see you are smaller across your shoulders deffo. well done keep up your fabby work.xx


Restart 3/9/2013
Just wondering how long its actually going to be before I really notice a difference. I mean I am 2 1/2stone down already and look the same. Still wearing the same clothes i was when i started (have had the blazing realisation i have been squeezing myself in to far too small clothes for an age now). They are starting to feel big, just not quite falling off me yet


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im the same hun, i must of been squeezing myself into my jeans for a long time.lol
you have really done soooooooo well.
Yep I can see a difference too... maybe in future wear the same type of clothes when taking pics... the stripy top is hiding a lot in that pic so its not really a fair comparison.

2 and a half stone is amazing weight loss... all of a sudden you will notice it and all ur clothes will be hanging off ya :D:D

Keep going... the only way you can go in down size wise if you keep on with CD.. you won't regret it ;);)

Gen xxx
i can notice a difference, can you notice it in your clothes? i could after my 1st week..i know what you mean though about not seeing a diff im 3 stone down and dont see a diff only in dress size!!


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You have lost a great amount and although you may feel disheartened like someone else said you'll notice it suddenly. I'm not a photographer or anything but those pics are very different, by that i mean the 'after' ones are taken a lot closer up, you can tell that by the distance of the door handle behind you lol and so it would not be surprising if you don't look really different as the first one is taken further away. Try taking more the same distance away and i'm sure you'll see it. However very well done so far because you have done great and it takes real strength and motivation to lose what you have.x
You are doing so well please don't get disheartened.

It took me between 3-4 stone off before people started to notice. I was very big (now just big ;) lol ) and I think that's why it didn't show despite it being a large amount of weight. It will show soon sweetie and then you can sit back and enjoy the compliments :) x
just looked at the pics (sorry didnt realise there was a link before i replied..duh) and you can def see a difference around your waist. Airgirl is right the 2nd pics are taken closer up so it's a bit harder to judge but you honestly can see a difference :) keep up the good work girl!!


I think there is a difference - especially across your shoulders and neck - don't get disheartened, you are doing great!


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I can see a difference too, you are doing so well!! you should be so proud of yourself. Well done xxx
Darlin, you've lost 36lbs of course there is a difference ;) you can totally see it especially in your shoulders and chin. Be exceptionally proud of yourself you've lost 36pounds of fat!

Don't forget you don't 'spot lose' it'll come off all over and it looks like in your case it's more of a all over lass ;) you'll probably be one of those losers that don't end up with crappy skin like me hehe!

Oh and your lilttle princess is totally adorable! Mine would probably be more suiuted to Devil horns at the mo, never mind the bunny ears!

Chin up and carry on being great x x x x


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hey hon. i can see a difference in your face and your tummy especially. you know it's coming off so don't worry about it.

abz xx


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Yep defo in your face & tummy!1
Keep it up you're doing fab xx
If you think about this (and I say this as a fellow over 9 stone to lose minimin!) we have to lose alot of weight, so someone who has only 4 stone to lose is likely to see 2 1/2 stone off alot easier than us. We will notice it much more once we hit 3 or 4 stone and suddenly we'll see it. I bet people are looking at you now and frowning thinking, there's something different about her but i cant quite put my finger on it....you keep going and take alot ALOT of comfort in the fact that your heart isnt having to cope with that 2 1/2 stone anymore, you;ve already added an extra year to spend with your (gorgeous) little one and whether you can see it yet or not, your body can feel it! Dont give up, you are an inspiration to me and you will do yourself, and your daughter proud.


Restart 3/9/2013
Thanks guys. Really hoping for another 6lb off this week to take me to a 3st loss...fingers crossed!!!!! Cant wait to start really seeing a difference...I definately feel a difference tho, much easier to get around and stamina for walking has definately increased dramatically! I no longer look for the closest space to the store so I dont get exhausted as I know I can walk it with ease now :)


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when i get to goal i really want to try and carry around the 5st 7 or more i will have lost. i mean, can you imagine just carrying it? if i tried to lift what i've lost in the last month i doubt i'd be able to...

abz xx
When somebody that is really overweight losses an amount of weight you dont see it like you would on someone that has three stone to lose. As you have padding all over it will come off and then all of a sudden you will get noticed. I lost 4 stone before anyone said anything to me, was 20stone 7 when i started.

As i got smaller each stone you really noticed but it doesnt change the fact THAT YOU HAVE LOST 36LBS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take each stone as a goal, my biggest aim was to get in the next stone bracket and it is amazing how your brain works when you are 19 stone one day and feeling miserable about it and then 18 stone 13lb the next and you are over the moon about crossing the border so to speak.

Your next post i expect to hear you say, oh my god my new clothes i bought are dropping off me and cant stay one size for long, it will happen !!

Take measurements and take pics at the same distance , prefarebly in the same place and i promise you the differences will come.

cdc norwich

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