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  1. Jelliebeans

    Jelliebeans New Member

    Hey all,

    Just a quick note to say hello.

    I'm been on this particular journey since Christmas. I've lost nearly 4 stone and have got another 7 stone to go - gulp! I was a little overweight for a long term, but managed to become properly fat quite quickly, probably over the course of 1 year/18 months due to stress, pregnancy, too much wine and food - not very original reasons, but there you go.

    Anyway - really interested in getting to know this site and the posters - it's looks great on first acquaintance :)
    I'm low carbing for what it's worth.

    Take care
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  3. spanna55

    spanna55 Full Member

    Wow! 4 stone in 5 months? Wow thats amazing.... Whats your secret? Iv lost 2 stone in 12 months? very disheartend
    Spanna x
  4. Jelliebeans

    Jelliebeans New Member

    Hey now! 2 stone is good - really good. Better than putting 2 stone on, eh? And depends how much you have to lose I suppose. I'm a right lardarse :p so there's more of it to go.

    I haven't got a secret - it's just finding a diet that works for you that you can stick to I think. I've tried WW/SW and it's not for me, I can't get on with it long term. Whereas I'm low carbing and it fits in with me and my life and works for my body type. But my best friend can't LC at all - makes her ill - and is evangelical about Slimming World. Horses for courses :)
  5. spanna55

    spanna55 Full Member

    Im enjoying sl/w... Its just a very slow process for me tho and im a maid if honour in 3 months so need a kick up th arse! Hav u heard of 'skinny sprinkles'? Its suppose to aid your weightloss an help u feel fuller by eatin this smoothie(1syn) befor your meal,so can be stricter with carbs ect... Therss a meal plan on slimmers called'sucess express'which im tryin to gt my head around.these'skinny sprinkles'Are in alot of magazines an th reviews seem to b good for consitant weighloss,which i dont get... I hope your still doin well.
    Ps iv got another 5-6 stone togo... 17ish
    stone atm.. X
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