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HOUR BY HOUR Thursday 30th August

Good morning Maz, I don't usually post on this thread but always enjoy reading it.

Just starting on my first bottle of water. This is day 7 of 100% sole sourcing for me. I hope I can keep it up.

Hope everyone has a great, cheat free day ;)
Having my first half sachet of the day... I went to bed early ish last night, still have sinus pain though :( I don't know whats wrong with me, the last few weeks I seem to have had no end of illnesses! Will have to see how it goes I think...
Did over 4 litres yesterday so pleased with that. Gonna do the same today already I have done nearly half a litre! :D
Good luck for the weigh ins... have a fabby day all!!!
Morning all

I have woken up with a stonking headache and feel like i've been out on the town all night ( i haven't i promise!)

Weigh in today but I'm not expecting miracles. I'll let you know what happens.

Little boy at nursery in the morning so I'll be doing my bits of shopping, paperwork etc - all boring stuff lol. Then this afternoon we'll be meeting up with his cousins for some fun on the seafront - rides, trampolines, ice-creams (not me!) etc etc - should be a good day.

Hope everyone has a great day



Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Morning all....ready to tackle another day SSing...did a stick this morning, not back in Ketosis yet from Tuesday. :(
Downed a litre already, won't have a shake yet. Working today so will make them up at work.....:tear_drop:

Have a good day all and good luck with any weigh ins.:)

Take care
Morning all!

I'm on day 3, and still feeing not so good! Have woken up both mornings feeling as if I'm hungover/dehydrated - which is so weird considering how much water I've drunk - does this go? I know the feeling rough/headaches will go - just wonder if you get to wake up feeling normal again?

Other than that, feel ready to do another 100% day! Not finding it as hard as I thought I would, but then again, only on day 3! :rolleyes:

Have a great day everyone! :D

Morning all!

Sharon... it will pass, even though it doesn't feel like it at the moment.

Good luck Jodie.

I'm kind of back in the groove now :D Weigh ins are a bit muddled up as I see my CDC every other monday & I didn't start back SSing until saturday :eek: Anyhow snuck a look at the scales this morning & I'm half a lb off my 3st mark so fingers very much crossed to have beaten that by official weigh in on monday. Thats enough to keep me on track this weekend. Another 1lb on top of that & I'm back to last summers weight. Struggle to believe that I managed to put on 3 st in a 10 months :eek: but its great to be able to take it back off in 2!!! :D I'm nearly 1/2 way there... woo! A Christmas target seems so do-able now!:D:D:D
Morning everyone.

Really feels like autumn has set in here, and my mood is matching the weather. I really need this thread today in order to keep myself on track.

I think I am literally going to have to take it hour by hour! So far I've had half a pack and half a litre of water so I'm not doing too badly.

Hope everyone else is doing really well, as you all seem to have been. Sorry for having a bit of a downer on here, but I really need you guys today :sigh:.

Catch up with everyone later xxx
Awwww Sarah. Hope things get easier for you.

I think its going to be tougher for us all going into the Autumn. I've quite enjoyed shakes in the summer but as I don't like any of the soups as it gets colder its going to be a challenge!


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
I think its going to be tougher for us all going into the Autumn. I've quite enjoyed shakes in the summer but as I don't like any of the soups as it gets colder its going to be a challenge![/quote]

Hi Fingers...how about trying the shakes hot.....most of them are lovely hot....My fav is the Choc Mint and Butterscotch (really)..
May help if you don't like the soups
good morning all.

WI day today for me. It better be a good one as I have been sooo good this week and I am due a good loss if this 1 stone a month promise is true. Hoping to pass the half way point today at least.

Not had any water yet but had 2 coffees. Will get glugging on the water as soon as I get home from WI.
Hi Fingers...how about trying the shakes hot.....most of them are lovely hot....My fav is the Choc Mint and Butterscotch (really)..
May help if you don't like the soups

Thanks Maggie... may just do that. I've got into the habit of making my shakes thick with lots of ice but might try them hot. I often have half a tetra topped up with hot water & they're nice.

Good luck Sam! I've got my fingers crossed for you!
I am now on day 3, I woke up about 3 times in the night for the loo, I then got cramp in my leg (never had that before) and generally had a bad nights sleep. When does the getting up for the loo stop, I cant even drive home (about an hour) without stopping on the way for a wee !! and what is it with the cramp ??, anyone else suffered that ? Good luck to everyone today.
Hi Sam, Looking forward to hearing your WI result as I have been following your other thread!

I'm on day 7 of perfect ss'ing. I have weigh in on saturday.

I'm sure you'll have a great result today. Post as soon as you can with your results.
Morning all

Good luck Sam and anyone else with WIs today.

Cmacca, how much water are you drinking as leg cramps can be a symptom of too much water?

Good luck to everyone else for a 100% day.

I won't hang around as I am feeling a little down at the mo... Seems glass for my car window (got smashed) is rarer than hens teeth so I am without car until I find some, one week after my TOTM I appear to have started again and the scales aren't moving BUT onwards and downwards not resorted to cheating yet and am determined I won't!

Will sign off now as I don't want to bring down the all the positive vibes !!

Oh Georgie, Cheer up Hun. Hope you are feeling better soon and dont worry too much about the totm issues. Lots of people report strange goings on in that dept. Your body is trying to cope with a lot at the moment.

Please dont cheat. You are doing so well and if you can cope with this upset you can cope with anything. Chin up mate.
Wow Sam, thats a fantastic loss, wooohoooo well over the half way now.

I have had my first shake of the day and my first litre of water, Have been ss 100% for last few days and am back on track.
Hoping I get as good a loss as Sam.
Have a good day everyone x x
Good morning girls,
gonna have a fairly lazy day today, h2b has got a day off work, so we will prob take kids out for a walk a little later on, am gonna do 4ltrs :tear_drop::tear_drop:

:party0011: well done sam, your doing brilliantly :party0011:

Georgie please dont cheat babe feel sorry for you tho starting totm so soon again but have heard that our body can do strange things on this diet, :hug99: and lots of :vibes::vibes: for you babe

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