How do the teams work?


Loving CD SS!
Curious about these teams...

What's the benefit of being on a team? Is there a competition or something? Are there different types of teams? Are there joining criteria?

I'm not sure if it is better to find a group of people similar to me (height, weight to lose, start date, on SS), or ask to join the group with the best name! lol

(and - dare I suggest it! lol - what if you join a team and find, not for me! lol)

Like the idea of the comraderie, so all thoughts welcome :)

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There are 6 in a team and each week they weigh in and one person works out the individual % losses and the team % loss. Then they post the results either on the thread or to me and I do the weekly figures.

The team use their own thread to chat and encourage each other during the week and sounds as though they really help each other.

There's often times when for many reasons a team is short of a member and advertises.

Hope that helps

Irene xx