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how do you make shakes at work?

U can have them after 4 days. The chilli con carne doesn't need mixing either. The soups r not too bad, but the bar and chilli is the easiest


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After the first week, yes.

Can't help about the shake thing though, I don't work as such. Plenty do do it but I know where you're coming from wanting to keep it subdued!! I'm sure someone will come along soon with thoughts.
I use a blender that I keep at work, but this may not be suitable for some. When I said chilli con carne doesn't need mixing, I meant u don't need a blender. If you leave it to sit for a couple of minutes it's the same as u putting it in the microwave.


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For the soups I would add a small amount of cold water and mix until smooth. Then gradually add boiling water whist stiring. This normally did the trick for me although with the veg, the carrots would still be a little hard. Hope this helps x
there is a chilli con carne pack, and a veg soup pack (that has v small carrots in it)
I wouldnt say the soups are creamy to be honest. I do like the porridge, it is quite sweet. but u only need aboout 140ml of water with it, any more and it is too runny.

Its really about trial and error!
some of the girls I know, just take a screw top plastic beaker (from any supermarket) and shake their cold back, then drink. Personally, I take a bar, and I bought a smaller Blender Ball shaker from Lakeland for making shakes at work.

Good luck.
I use a milk frother ( bought from Sainsburys -£4). It is small and is battery powered, so can be used anywhere.
I bought one of those Whisking mugs as recommended by blonde logic ~ prob the same thing as the coffee frother mentioned.

It is battery powered ~ not great for shakes but good for soups. It helped me when we were at the coast last September and we were out and about. Sometimes I had had a bar already and needed a soup later. Worth the £3 ish I paid on ebay for it.

And as Melarnz says, since the chilli was introduced, it makes life a lot easier too. You can fill it full of boiling water in a bowl and leave it to stand, then stir, then leave again and it's good enough after a few mins.

Other option is to take a hand blender. I wouldn't question someone for saying they were blending a mousse or soup ~ no need to say it's LL. Good luck. xx :)
personally i get a maximuscle shaker from boots, exact same as the LL one, and take that to class so it seems like imjust having protein shakes :)

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